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Aware by Denise Levertov 

 When I opened the door I found the vine leaves speaking among themselves in abundant whispers. 
My presence made them hush their green breath, embarrassed, the way humans stand up, buttoning their jackets, acting as if they were leaving anyway, as if the conversation had ended just before you arrived. 
I liked the glimpse I had, though, of their obscure gestures. I liked the sound of such private voices. 
Next time I'll move like cautious sunlight, open the door by fractions, eavesdrop peacefully

 "Aware" by Denise Levertov, from This Great Unknowing. © New Directions Publishing, 1999.

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Friday, July 06, 2012

Via Jack Crow an excellent summation of Obamacare by Jonathan Versen
You may object that if you vote for the democrats this will prevent these things from happening. But just as Obama insisted on a deficit commission, remember that ACA was designed from the start to be vulnerable to such funding cuts and loosening of regulation. A universal plan, some kind of single payer or national health plan wouldn't have created a wary fence between the haves and have nots, and would eventually become as popular as medicare or social security. ACA wasn't random; it serves both the democrats and the republicans(and the insurance companies). So the dems can frighten you about coverage being on the chopping block, while republicans frighten you about spiralling out of control costs. Win-win.

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Obot Warning

Oh my! Just had a run in with an Obot on Facebook. It's been forever, since this has happened to me. I feel like I should shower. Yuck!
Obama has given ... and, of course, the health care act - procviding insurance fort 30 million more Americans, protecting the rest of us from insurance companies, and, as discussed eysterday , mandating coverage of contraception, among many other things. Biggest expansion of the social safety net since Medicare and , excuse me Cybn, but kill Stein?! omg. People like you who voted for Nader got George Bush elected. Frankly, I find people of your stripe almost as dangerous as tea partiers . Not in terms of being hateful, of course - but in terms of foolishness. and whiney uninformed criticisms of the President. I'm afraid In have to unfriend you. good luck.
Just for clarification, I did not vote for Nader. This particular female Obot touts herself as a grad of Yale. However, her spelling skills seem a little weak. And,her horrible reference to my candidate, Jill Stein, appears to be a freudian slip. Or not.

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