Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mission Accomplished For These Sailors Who Are On This Ship On Their Mission

Just when one thinks the lackeys of the Bush Administration cannot be any dumber ...
Today, reporter Helen Thomas asked White House Press Secretary Dana Perino how the president would “commemorate” the date tomorrow. Perino said the White House had “certainly paid a price for not being more specific on that banner”:

PERINO: President Bush is well aware that the banner should have been much more specific, and said, Mission Accomplished For These Sailors Who Are On This Ship On Their Mission. And we have certainly paid a price for not being more specific on that banner. And I recognize that the media is going to play this up again tomorrow, as they do every single year.

Read it here
"Barack is trying to explain why he prayed with a Pastor before he prayed against him"
Matt Frie, BBC

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama is Bush

Anyone who reads here knows that I am a Hillary supporter. However, today I watched President Bush's press conference on CSpan and something really hit home. I haven't listened to Bush speak in a very, very long time due to a number of reasons, including the fact that I no longer watch much of MSM news and, I am deeply involved in getting my candidate elected. But today, as I listened to Bush, I once again noted how he gets around questions by saying nothing at all. Oh, he speaks, but nothing is said. Almost all of his answers were not substantial answers, but empty rhetoric lacking specifics. And this time I saw some similarity to Obama.

Bush tries very hard to make a personal connection with his questioners by making jokes and turning on his Southern hospitality. Bush never had the ability to try to inspire us, so he used his Good Ole Texas Boy persona. He's a regular Joe, just like you and me and the guy next door. You have to trust him, right? He clears brush on his ranch. He's every American. Although he was born with the proverbial silver spoon, he is portrayed as the common man.

Obama, on the other hand, uses an elitist, almost ethereal persona. We are the ones we've been waiting for. He is the only One that can fix what is wrong with America. He is the Saviour. Although he wasn't born into riches, as a black man in America, he, too, had a much easier life than that of his contemporaries, which he, too, downplays. He is not the common man. He is the answer to America's prayers.

I've concluded that the consultants for both Obama and Bush manipulate the personalities of their candidates to make up for their lack of experience and substance in different ways. Obama with his cult like "movement" and Bush with his down home fake Texas folksiness. However, they both use their fake personalities in an attempt to attain an elected position that they aren't at all qualified for, hoping no one will notice their lack of qualifications. It's the Cult of the Consultant and look where that got us with 8 years of Bush. Let's face it. If they were qualified they wouldn't need to reinvent themselves.

Bush ran for office promising to unite the country, just like Obama is. Bush ran without any real experience, just like Obama is. Bush said he would surround himself with people who were smart and would advise him of what must be done, just like Obama said he would do in one of the early debates.

This is in stark contrast to Hillary's campaign. We know who Hillary is as we've been watching her for the past 20 years. We've seen what she has done and where she has been. We know her and there is nothing fake or phony about her. But most of all, she is qualified. I can't think of a candidate for President who has been more qualified than she is at this moment in time. Or one that we need so desperately to lead us in the right direction.

Where the DNC Rules Really Lead

Trail Mix By Craig Crawford
The mandatory penalties set forth by the Democratic National Committee’s delegate selection rules call for outlaw states like Florida and Michigan to only lose half of their delegates to the national convention. And yet the DNC went beyond its own rules to add further penalties, stripping those states of all delegates.

The DNC rules also prohibited public appearances and electronic advertising before the polls closed by candidates in states that had jumped the approved primary calendar. Barack Obama made a public appearance in Florida in September 2007, talking to reporters after a fundraiser. His campaign also bought television ads on cable news outlets that ran throughout Florida before its renegade primary.

Strictly speaking, if the DNC rules were tightly construed in this case, Hillary Rodham Clinton would receive half of the Florida delegates she won and Obama would receive none -- the penalty for violating the campaign ban.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Crazy Eddie Obama

Step right up, Folks! Yessiree bob, the Medicine Man is comin' to a town near y'all!

Obama has finally divested himself of his last shred of human decency by hawking his We the People DVD speech on race like a snake oil salesman. Shades of Jim and Tammy Faye. Step right up and tithe your way straight into Heaven, ahhh, I mean the White House.

"Many will judge us by the money we raise, but we know our strength comes from a different number." (Your poll numbers??)
"To celebrate the 1,500,000 grassroots donors who are funding this movement (bold mine), we've created a special gift." (Yeah, a Gazillion copies, I bet. And take it from me, you can't fill your gas tank or your stomach with a DVD on race. You need the real deal.)

But wait! You only have until tomorrow to grab yourselves one of them Gen-U-Wine DVDs along with a Limited Edition Print. Why, they are certain to be just as collectible and worthless as those Danbury Mint plates that are gathering dust in the back of our cupboard.

His next scheme, ahhh I mean fundraiser, is for a Pitcher of Kool-aid with the disappearing likeness of The Reverend Wright. Yeah. Etched in 24k gold.

Heidi Li's Potpourri: The actual Lincoln-Douglas debates: Why They Matter Just Now

Heidi Li's Potpourri: The actual Lincoln-Douglas debates: Why They Matter Just Now

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Obama for Sale

Hmm, Mr. Transparency himself looks like he may have yet another skeleton in his closet. It must be getting pretty crowded in there.

After an unsuccessful campaign for Congress in 2000, Illinois state Sen. Barack Obama faced serious financial pressure: numerous debts, limited cash and a law practice he had neglected for a year. Help arrived in early 2001 from a significant new legal client -- a longtime political supporter.

Chicago entrepreneur Robert Blackwell Jr. paid Obama an $8,000-a-month retainer to give legal advice to his growing technology firm, Electronic Knowledge Interchange. It allowed Obama to supplement his $58,000 part-time state Senate salary for over a year with regular payments from Blackwell's firm that eventually totaled $112,000.

A few months after receiving his final payment from EKI, Obama sent a request on state Senate letterhead urging Illinois officials to provide a $50,000 tourism promotion grant to another Blackwell company, Killerspin.

Read it here

A Robert Blackwell of Blackwell Consulting Services also appears as a bundler for Obama in the 2008 presidential campaign.

Equally interesting is that a Robert Blackwell also appears on a list of fundraisers in an article by Lynn Sweet entitled Obama Secretive About Fundraisers He Will Be Attending dated January 8, 2008


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Paulson's 'Civic Robbery' to Finance Hyperinflation

On March 31st, Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson announced the laying of the government’s foundation for the next big financial bubble, heralding an era of hyperinflation....The proclaimed financial "modernization" plan, increases Fed oversight of the financial industry. But it also makes the Fed — and the taxpayer — the lender of last resort.

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Lying Lies

Campaign Memo to Superdelegates

Jerome Armstrong's Response

H/T to Bud White for making sense of it all

And John at Liberal Rapture puts the cherry on the sundae.

Friday, April 25, 2008

CALL TO ACTION! Please pass on

From Heidi Li's Potpourri
For some reason, the Democratic National Committee seems unwilling to act on its own rules.

Yesterday, at a strategy session I attended in Washington, DC, Clinton campaign director Terry McAuliffe alerted those present that two superdelegates from Florida had filed a formal complaint with Party's rules committee board, which is refusing to count them. Regardless of the status of the seating of the Florida delegation, it is a violation of DNC rules to refuse to seat the Florida's superdelegates (superdelegates are not chosen by primary). Guess what Howard Dean is doing? Refusing to refer the complaint to the rules committee. Terry urged everybody in the room and everybody we know to contact the DNC and specifically ask that the RCB address the complaint filed by the two Florida delegates. The telephone number for the D.N.C. is 202-863-8000. Call and simply say that you want to make sure that the Party's rules committee addresses the Florida superdelegates' recently filed complaint immediately.

UPDATE: Obama DNC Fundraising Deal
After a series of discussions, the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee have decided to file papers with the Federal Election Commission establishing a “joint fundraising agreement.” Under the law, such a committee can accept up to $28,500 from individuals, most of which would go to the DNC.

Now I wonder why the DNC is lagging in contributions? Coward Dean and the good old boyz just don't get it. I swear, if this reaches fruition, I am done with the Democratic Party.

Obama Destroys the Democratic Party

I know, I know. According to the pundits and talking heads, Hillary should step down for the good of the Democratic Party. So what if she has the popular vote? Hell, I read an email this morning from a Democratic friend and she said the same thing. She even said we were "eating our own".

Well, this post has a pretty good handle on what really is going on in Democratic politics. And it's not pretty. Read it Here

A further post about Obama's electicability problems from Democratic Wings is Here

Here's another from Violet at Reclusive Leftist with a nice 60's twist for old hippies like me.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

From the Most Gentle Woman on Earth

An Open Letter from Dr. Maya Angelou
I am writing to tell you about my friend, Hillary Clinton, and why I am standing with her in her campaign for the presidency. I know the kind of president Hillary Clinton will be because I know the person she is.

I am inspired by her courage and her honesty. She is a reliable and trustworthy person. She is someone I not only admire but one for whom I have profound affection.

Hillary does not waver in standing up for those who need a champion. She has always been a passionate protector of families. As a child, she was taught that all God’s children are equal, and as a mother, she understood that her child wasn’t safe unless all children were safe. As I wrote about Hillary recently in a praise song: “She is the prayer of every woman, and every man who longs for fair play, healthy families, good schools and a balanced economy.”

It may be easy to view Hillary Clinton through the narrow lens of those who would write her off or grind her down. Hillary sees us as we are, black and brown and white and yellow and pink and relishes our differences knowing that fundamentally we are all more alike than we are unalike. She is able to look through complexion and see community.

She has endured great scrutiny, and still she dares greatly. Hillary Clinton will not give up on you, and all she asks is that you do not give up on her. She is a long-distance runner. I am honored to say I am with her for the long run.

I am supporting Hillary Clinton because I know that she will make the most positive difference in people’s lives and she will help our country become what it can be. Whether you are her supporter, leaning towards her, undecided, or supporting someone else, I believe Hillary Clinton will represent you – she will be a president for all Americans. It is no small thing that along the way we will make history together.

Vote for Hillary Clinton and show your support Here. I know she will make us proud.


Bittergate Dissected


H/T to GeekLove

CNN Wants Our Opinion on Rice Hoarding

True. CNN is running a question this morning, asking US what should be done about rice hoarding. I'm kind of at a loss since I haven't had a rice paddy in, oh, forever. I do eat rice, but I don't think that qualifies me as an expert on a rice recession. So for those of you that have the expertise in rice or hoarding or hoarding rice Read the Article.

The Million Dollar Question for you Hoarder Experts:
It's a phrase we haven't heard since World War II - hoarding food - and now... two big warehouse stores are limiting how much we can buy. Sam's Club and Costco have restricted sales of certain types of rice... they say it's to prevent a shortage in a real emergency. The people who are buying it say they're stocking up before food prices climb any higher.

So what do you think - U.S. stores rationing rice:
producing panic?
sensible solution?
Vote Here
Gosh, now I'll be worried about rice hoarding all day.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Confessions of a Rock Picker, a/k/a Butterflies for Hillary

I'm a stone addict. No, not the Rolling Stones, although I do like their music. I'm addicted to rocks and stones. I cannot go for a walk without my head down, eyes darting, looking for that unusual shape or color or fossil. My husband tells me he once had a Black Lab that also hunted stones, but she held them in her mouth while they walked. I will say that I am a little less obtrusive with my stones and either slip them into a pocket or rub them between my thumb and fingers as as I walk. When I return home I wash them up, inspect them, wonder about them and drop them here or there around the house.

I found one today while walking the bike path along the River. It's not a whole stone, but a part of one with tiny little sparkly red dots on the inside. Not a particularly beautiful stone, but it's been days since I've found anything else that held my attention and I've actually passed this particular stone a couple of times with mild interest, so I figured today was the day and I brought her home.

I also saw a tiny baby turtle and two beautiful white dancing butterflies, which I think were celebrating Hillary's Pennsylvania win. New York borders Pennsylvania, so it's the right thing to do.

Humpty Dumpty


Thank you Pennsylvania!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day

Light a Candle for Hillary

Light a candle and send Hillary your positive thoughts for her success.
And, a pox on the media.
Light a Candle

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Woman's Questionnaire for Democratic Candidates

Courtesy of
Woman's eNews

Women's individual life journeys refract our view of what constitutes "women's issues." As a voting bloc, women will determine who will be the next president. Women usually vote in higher numbers than their male counterparts--in the 2004 election, women were 60 percent of voter turnout--and to date, record numbers of women of all ages have voted in the primaries.

Breadwinners might dwell on the unmet need for high-quality affordable child care. Caregivers might talk about their social contributions being undervalued and having no safety net. Women in every walk of life who are not safe at home might focus on the failure of the legal system to offer better protection

How will such concerns be met by the next president?

That's the big question behind all the following queries from readers, staffers and advocates gathered by Women's eNews.

This Sunday, April 20, two days before the Pennsylvania primary, Women's eNews will co-sponsor a nonpartisan forum on the power of the women's vote at Bryn Mawr College, just outside Philadelphia. Editor in chief Rita Henley Jensen will moderate the discussion among a family court judge, a law professor, a district attorney, a former member of Congress and the head of a women's legal rights organization. Representatives of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama are expected to make appearances as well.

Jensen will offer each a print-out of this posting and ask for an e-mailed response from the campaign, to be posted on the Web site.
This should be very interesting. The questions posted at the site are excellent and indepth. I cannot wait to read the responses.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Daily Kos Off the Cliff

Great Post from Lambert

* Daily Kos

Guess we know which bunch of WATBs thinks their candidate lost.


Take it like a man, Lord Kos!(Click the list to enlarge for better reading)

NOTE Look, I know the media sucks. They’ve been going after both Clintons, and all Democrats, since the 90s. But you can bet that the OFB aren’t going to be complaining about anything other than that their guy got beat, and that, for once, he didn’t get a free pass. Both Hillary and Obama have to run their horse-race on the same muddy track, and for my money, he’s gotten pretty much of a free ride so far.

But let’s look on the bright side: At least they’re not frothing and stamping about Hillary’s tax returns any more! What a waste of good air that was, to be sure.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm Mad as Hell and I'm Not Going to Take This Anymore!

I'm Mad! Crazy Mad! Mad as Hell! I'm turning off the computer, burning the newspapers, donating my TV to Goodwill and signing myself in to a media free zone.

I am sick of lying pundits, brain dead talking heads, hearing the words Ba Rack O Bama (like it's some kind of game show) every 2 minutes on every single television station in the world. I'm sick to death of Wolf running the same old videos, spouting the same old rhetoric and questioning the same old people with the same old questions.

I'm sick of Obama people, Obama speeches, Obama suck ups and Obama himself. I can't stand to look at him or listen to him. I detest the DNC, and Americans that can't see beyond the hype. I'm mad at every single person that has been bamboozled and hoodwinked by thinking they can make the world a better place by doing nothing.

I'm Mad I tell you!

You've got to say, 'I'm a HUMAN BEING, Goddamnit! My life has VALUE!' So I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window. Open it, and stick your head out, and yell,

'I'M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!' I want you to get up right now, sit up, go to your windows, open them and stick your head out and yell - 'I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!' Things have got to change. But first, you've gotta get mad!... You've got to say, 'I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!' Then we'll figure out what to do about the depression and the inflation and the oil crisis. But first get up out of your chairs, open the window, stick your head out, and yell, and say it:


There, I feel much better. Maybe I'll check out a few blogs before I check myself in.

Pundits Doubt Obama as Never Before

• William Kristol thinks the "god" part of Obama's comments are particularly strange considering how he's written about his own religious awakening in his memoirs. Overall, Obama has revealed that he's "disdainful of small town America." [NYT]

• Mickey Kaus lists the top four sins of Obama's "bitter" statement, with number one being that he seemingly lumped together things we should cling to (religion) with things we shouldn't cling to (xenophobia, racism). [Slate]

• Noemie Emery wonders at the difference between the bitterness felt by small-towners and that experienced by the churchgoers who flocked to Reverend Wright. [Weekly Standard]

• Michael Goodwin, formerly one of those small-town Pennsylvanians, says that gaffes don't get any bigger than this one. (Although the incident is not, strictly speaking, a gaffe, because Obama believes what he said.) He believes the White House is looking "out of reach" for Obama. [NYDN]

• Bob Franken places Obama's comments into an ongoing narrative of candidates' saying stupid things this campaign, which simply reminds us that our politicians are just as flawed as anybody else. Which doesn't mean that what Obama said was not "clumsy" and "tellingly elitist." [Hill]

• Jake Tapper notes that Obama and his allies are trying to focus their explanations on the "bitter" part alone, which is the most defensible and least insulting part of his comments. [Political Punch/ABC News]

• Melissa Henneberger doubts Obama's ability to win for the first time because it seems he may truly not understand why his "bitter" line was such a big problem. [XX Factor/Slate]

• Mark Ambinder is on the lookout for the "illogical impulses" that inevitably arise in controversies like "Bittergate" — people saying Obama had an elite upbringing, or the reverse conservative elitism against big-city, well-educated liberals. [Atlantic]

• Joe Klein doesn't think Bittergate will come to hurt Obama, unless Clinton is actually able to establish this "Obama-as-elitist" narrative. [Swampland/Time]

• The Wall Street Journal editorial board suggests that because he said it so naturally in front of a San Francisco audience, this must be what Obama truly believes, and that the incident is a "gift" to Clinton. [WSJ]

• Chuck Todd and friends wonder whether any voters who were already for Obama will actually switch their allegiance at this point anyway. But they also note that nobody, especially the political pundits from New York and D.C., knows how this will play out. [First Read/MSNBC]

• Marc Lamont Hill thinks Obama was actually "articulating the opposite of an elitist notion," because he was trying to understand the psychology of economically exploited people instead of just caricaturing them. [Down From the Tower/Root]

• Bob Shrum says that while it wasn't "clearly or ideally stated," Obama was, in the end, right. The greatest irony of all is that Obama is less a member of the elite than either Clinton or McCain. [First Read/MSNBC] —Dan Amira

Monday, April 14, 2008

Campaign Expenditures

An interesting post from Donna Darko on the difference of Hillary v. Obama campaign expenditures. It seems Mr. Obama uses money to fluff up his image and the bulk of Hillary's expenses go to paying her employees.

Oh, right, Obama people probably work for free, just to have the chance to rub shoulders with the Chosen One.

Read it here

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Obama Visits Billionaires Row

Sickening, but read it here

Guess Who Said This?

September 11, 2006
Q: Who has a better chance of being elected president, Democrats New York Sen. Hillary Clinton or Illinois Sen. Barack Obama?

A: I like both individuals. For me personally to speculate on the future of either one of those politicians would get me in a lot of trouble. I like them both. I love Barack Obama's spirit. I think he is a great American. He is a rare political species. I also have deep admiration and respect for Hillary Clinton. She has been an inspiration to us all. One of the most admired women in America today. Hillary Clinton has set her own path. She has reached the heights in her life because she was willing to make a difference. Hillary has what it takes to break that final glass ceiling that ultimately we will break in American politics, that is the presidency, and allowing a woman to hold that most important position.

Guess Who?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Sisters - Friday Cat Blogging, Because That is What the Big Shots Do

Sister Cats adopted by my daughter, a volunteer at a local Pet Rescue Center. She tells me these two are inseparable and often sleep with their "arms" around each other. They also have their own language. When one is without the other, they have their own unique way of communicating.

ACTION ALERT: Obama Blunts Clinton's Female Superdelegate Edge

While Clinton hangs on to her favored status among female superdelegates, Obama has been drawing off support. Even the Sanchezes--the only two sisters serving in Congress--are torn by the intense race for the nomination.

The bulk of female superdelegates--high-ranking politicians at liberty to vote for whomever they wish at the national convention in August--remain loyal to Sen. Hillary Clinton. The tight race for the Democratic nomination is now even more intensified in Pennsylvania ahead of the April 22 primary there.

Sen. Barack Obama, however, has been making inroads among these powerful political women, who comprise about one-third of the roughly 800 superdelegates. About 60 percent of those who have made public endorsements prefer Clinton, according to data compiled March 20 by Democratic Convention Watch 2008, a blog that tracks allegiances of superdelegates.

Read it here

Hillary supporters must contact the Superdelegates to lobby them for support. You can contact the uncommitted delegates HERE

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Intergalactic Temple of the Great God Bongo

Enter Here

Helen Thomas

Hillary Clinton should hang in there and run a good race.

And she has vowed to do so.

Clinton has been under unprecedented pressure to bow out of the divisive Democratic primary and to clear the field for her opponent -- Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois.

Among those who want her to throw in the towel are, of course, Obama's supporters. But many other Democrats are trying to push her out of the contest on the ground that a contentious race can hurt the party and could help their Republican opponent, Sen. John McCain of Arizona.

Clinton also has been deserted by some fair-weather friends such as New Mexico's Gov. Bill Richardson, who held two Cabinet appointments during her husband's presidency.

Howard Dean, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, has urged the two contenders to end their competition by July 1. But Clinton says she plans to go all the way to the Democratic National Convention Aug. 25-28.

Read it here

NY Pioneers Tougher Approach to Batterers

U.S. courts have been sending batterers to rehabilitation programs for decades. As research finds the programs doing little to curb domestic violence, New York state has taken a tougher tack, aimed at enforcing sentences.

Phyllis B. Frank founded a program in 1978 to counter domestic violence through workshops for men. It was the first batterer-intervention program in the state and among the first in the country.

Ten years later, the director of the VCS Community Change Project, located in New City, a suburb about 45 minutes north of New York, finishes off the opening paragraph of a grant application and spins in her chair to face a reporter's question about such programs.

"Batterer programs are a dumping ground," Frank says flatly. "We send men here, and we think we're doing something. I decided at one point the best possible thing I could do would be to close."

But Frank did not shut down the program.

Instead, during the 1990s she redefined its goals--aligning it more with sentencing and court-order enforcement than rehabilitation--and began to develop what would become known as the New York model.

Read it here

Monday, April 07, 2008

If the system made sense, Clinton would be far ahead

Under a winner-take-all primary system, Hillary Clinton would have a wide lead over Barack Obama -- and enough delegates to clinch the Democratic presidential nomination by June.

read more | digg story

Women Give Dems Big Bucks But Bang Effect Debated

By Allison Stewart
Washington Bureau Chief

Political donations from women are soaring in the presidential race as female donors dip into their pockets, especially for Hillary Clinton. Analysts say even more money would pour in if women's concerns were more visible on campaign agendas.

Read it here

Saturday, April 05, 2008

From NPR, a subject dear to my heart - sexism in children's books and movies. I remember when raising my own daughters, Richard Scarry books were banned at my house. When reading to my daughters, I always changed the action figures from boys to girls. Looks like we haven't made much headway since the 1970's.

All Things Considered, I don't know what sins Dr. Seuss committed in his life to be doomed to have Jim Carrey star in movie adaptations of his books. But I came out of Horton Hears a Who, with my wife and my three excited and happy daughters, irritated by something even more annoying than Carrey's tics. In a new subplot added by the filmmakers, the mayor of Whoville has 96 daughters. He has one son. Guess who gets all his attention? Guess who saves the day? Go ahead, think about it, I'll wait.

Friday, April 04, 2008

You Don't Know Her

Randi Rhodes

Look who organized that disgusting Randi Rhodes show! Randi has since been suspended for her denigrating remarks about Senator Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro.

Are you surprised?

Uncovering Gender

There are more women on TV and film these days than decades ago. But media researchers say healthy on-screen representation is missing and Lynn Ziegler says the big picture has to change.

Women on "The View" may get Barack Obama showing up to pay his presidential-hopeful respects. Oprah's one-woman media empire may seem like a world without end. And Ellen DeGeneres' daily dance-and-gabfest recently has taken a more activist spin (just ask Chris Matthews!)

But that doesn't mean mainstream entertainment--meaning TV and film--reflects anything like our true worth to girls and women.

Lynn Ziegler for WomensEnews

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Yankee game on and guess who's pitching!

Hillary and Press Corps

Toting a beer with a few slices of orange tossed in, Hillary Clinton came to the back of her plane to talk to the press tonight — expressing just a touch of satisfaction at having tricked so many of us with her April Fool’s prank. “What I wish was that Barb [her campaign photographer] had been standing behind me with a camera to get everybody’s faces,” she said. “Chris Matthews looked totally like, you mean, i might actually be in the presence of real news?”

As for what happens if Barack Obama accepts her bowling challenge, Clinton said “He’s already, I think, challenged me to basketball instead. I know, I think vaguely i heard that from somebody. And i said i’d have to train awhile but i’d take it on.” While the press corps expressed some excitement at covering that event, Clinton said “it would be closed press.”

As it turns out, she might have a better chance of besting Obama in a basketball contest than in bowling. While she revealed that she’d been a crack free-throw shooter in her high school basketball days — shooting them underhand a la Rick Barry — she said she hasn’t bowled in many years, though she used to roll at Camp David and said she even has her own ball and bowling shoes.

Told it takes guts to challenge someone to something that she can’t do, Clinton said “Yes, don’t you think so?”

She also speculated on the possibility that a bowling renaissance could change the world. Check out the rest of her brief April Fool’s Day visit with reporters below.



Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Go Yankees!

Oh, and did I mention I am a huge Yankee fan?

At the Barricades In the Gender Wars

Valerie Benjamin, a human-resources manager for a consulting firm here, was driving to work recently in her red minivan with a Hillary bumper sticker when a man pulled up alongside and rolled down his window. "You can be for Hillary all you want," he shouted, "but there is no way that thing is going to become president."

"I couldn't believe this guy was shouting at me in my car," says Ms. Benjamin. "I am continuously surprised by the level of venom."

When Sen. Clinton started her presidential campaign more than a year ago, she said she wanted to shatter the ultimate glass ceiling. But many of her supporters see something troubling in the sometimes bitter resistance to her campaign and the looming possibility of her defeat: a seeming backlash against the opportunities women have gained.

Oh,yeah? That's what the Big Boyz think about Women? Let's give them a run for their money, Gals. Hill Will!

WSJ Article Here