Monday, April 28, 2008

Crazy Eddie Obama

Step right up, Folks! Yessiree bob, the Medicine Man is comin' to a town near y'all!

Obama has finally divested himself of his last shred of human decency by hawking his We the People DVD speech on race like a snake oil salesman. Shades of Jim and Tammy Faye. Step right up and tithe your way straight into Heaven, ahhh, I mean the White House.

"Many will judge us by the money we raise, but we know our strength comes from a different number." (Your poll numbers??)
"To celebrate the 1,500,000 grassroots donors who are funding this movement (bold mine), we've created a special gift." (Yeah, a Gazillion copies, I bet. And take it from me, you can't fill your gas tank or your stomach with a DVD on race. You need the real deal.)

But wait! You only have until tomorrow to grab yourselves one of them Gen-U-Wine DVDs along with a Limited Edition Print. Why, they are certain to be just as collectible and worthless as those Danbury Mint plates that are gathering dust in the back of our cupboard.

His next scheme, ahhh I mean fundraiser, is for a Pitcher of Kool-aid with the disappearing likeness of The Reverend Wright. Yeah. Etched in 24k gold.

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