Friday, April 11, 2008

ACTION ALERT: Obama Blunts Clinton's Female Superdelegate Edge

While Clinton hangs on to her favored status among female superdelegates, Obama has been drawing off support. Even the Sanchezes--the only two sisters serving in Congress--are torn by the intense race for the nomination.

The bulk of female superdelegates--high-ranking politicians at liberty to vote for whomever they wish at the national convention in August--remain loyal to Sen. Hillary Clinton. The tight race for the Democratic nomination is now even more intensified in Pennsylvania ahead of the April 22 primary there.

Sen. Barack Obama, however, has been making inroads among these powerful political women, who comprise about one-third of the roughly 800 superdelegates. About 60 percent of those who have made public endorsements prefer Clinton, according to data compiled March 20 by Democratic Convention Watch 2008, a blog that tracks allegiances of superdelegates.

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Hillary supporters must contact the Superdelegates to lobby them for support. You can contact the uncommitted delegates HERE


Heidi Li Feldman, J.D., Ph.D. said...

Note, however, that superdelegate and former Pittsburgh mayor Sophie Masloff has just endorsed Senator Clinton

Double Jointed Fingers said...

Thanks, Heidi!

I posted this quickly before heading out for work this AM. I appreciate the update.