Thursday, April 24, 2008

CNN Wants Our Opinion on Rice Hoarding

True. CNN is running a question this morning, asking US what should be done about rice hoarding. I'm kind of at a loss since I haven't had a rice paddy in, oh, forever. I do eat rice, but I don't think that qualifies me as an expert on a rice recession. So for those of you that have the expertise in rice or hoarding or hoarding rice Read the Article.

The Million Dollar Question for you Hoarder Experts:
It's a phrase we haven't heard since World War II - hoarding food - and now... two big warehouse stores are limiting how much we can buy. Sam's Club and Costco have restricted sales of certain types of rice... they say it's to prevent a shortage in a real emergency. The people who are buying it say they're stocking up before food prices climb any higher.

So what do you think - U.S. stores rationing rice:
producing panic?
sensible solution?
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Gosh, now I'll be worried about rice hoarding all day.

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