Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Woman's Questionnaire for Democratic Candidates

Courtesy of
Woman's eNews

Women's individual life journeys refract our view of what constitutes "women's issues." As a voting bloc, women will determine who will be the next president. Women usually vote in higher numbers than their male counterparts--in the 2004 election, women were 60 percent of voter turnout--and to date, record numbers of women of all ages have voted in the primaries.

Breadwinners might dwell on the unmet need for high-quality affordable child care. Caregivers might talk about their social contributions being undervalued and having no safety net. Women in every walk of life who are not safe at home might focus on the failure of the legal system to offer better protection

How will such concerns be met by the next president?

That's the big question behind all the following queries from readers, staffers and advocates gathered by Women's eNews.

This Sunday, April 20, two days before the Pennsylvania primary, Women's eNews will co-sponsor a nonpartisan forum on the power of the women's vote at Bryn Mawr College, just outside Philadelphia. Editor in chief Rita Henley Jensen will moderate the discussion among a family court judge, a law professor, a district attorney, a former member of Congress and the head of a women's legal rights organization. Representatives of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama are expected to make appearances as well.

Jensen will offer each a print-out of this posting and ask for an e-mailed response from the campaign, to be posted on the Web site.
This should be very interesting. The questions posted at the site are excellent and indepth. I cannot wait to read the responses.

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