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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Obot Warning

Oh my! Just had a run in with an Obot on Facebook. It's been forever, since this has happened to me. I feel like I should shower. Yuck!
Obama has given ... and, of course, the health care act - procviding insurance fort 30 million more Americans, protecting the rest of us from insurance companies, and, as discussed eysterday , mandating coverage of contraception, among many other things. Biggest expansion of the social safety net since Medicare and , excuse me Cybn, but kill Stein?! omg. People like you who voted for Nader got George Bush elected. Frankly, I find people of your stripe almost as dangerous as tea partiers . Not in terms of being hateful, of course - but in terms of foolishness. and whiney uninformed criticisms of the President. I'm afraid In have to unfriend you. good luck.
Just for clarification, I did not vote for Nader. This particular female Obot touts herself as a grad of Yale. However, her spelling skills seem a little weak. And,her horrible reference to my candidate, Jill Stein, appears to be a freudian slip. Or not.