Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pass it around!


We are disenfranchised ex-Democrats, appalled by the Caucus frauds and the coup perpetrated by George Soros, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi and Donna Brazile, as the DNC allowed for 30 people to supersede the voice of 600,000 Americans and ignored their votes by hijacking Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's delegates and giving them to Barack Obama. The DNC is no longer our party as it disenfranchised all of us Americans when it made the people of Florida and Michigan half voters. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote and all the key States. We do not think on the other hand that Barack Obama shares our values and are outraged by his twenty year relationship with Rev. Wright, his friendship with Rev Fledger, his Friendship with admitted terrorists such as William Ayers and terrorists sympathizers Rashid Khalidi as well as his and Michelle Obama's friendship with Louis Farrakhan. We disapprove of B Obama's dealings with Tony Rezko. B.O. was selected not elected.

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