Thursday, February 12, 2009

Say It Ain't So

Good golly, Miss Molly, this cannot be true! The WSJ is reporting that Obama's news conference pre-screened the reporters chosen to ask questions. That is ridiculous!! This is the President who promised us an open government. It must be a lie! That's what George W. did - pre-screened attendees at events and refused to call on Helen at press conferences.

I bet it's those damn PUMA's stirring up trouble. Howard would never have stacked the cards in Obama's favor if he was going to be a 3rd term of Dubya, would he? Obama is so experienced and smart, he wouldn't have to avoid questions from reporters. Why, he is actually learning to speak without a teleprompter and I bet he'll get better and better at it as time goes on. It's awful hard to read those words off of the Starbuck's napkins Favreau writes them on.

Damn it, WSJ, stop publishing real news and let's talk about Michelle's Vogue cover. Speaking of Michelle, I wonder when she will start receiving a paycheck for all of her public appearances. She's a brilliant lawyer, don't you know, and a great asset to the White House. Geesh. And if he did pre-screen reporters, he must have had a pretty good reason. It's not like he has anything to hide, right?

Obama's press list

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