Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year

May the beauty of the New Year
Beautify my heart.
May the purity of the New Year
Purify my mind.
May the simplicity of the New Year
Simplify my vital.
May the intensity of the New Year
Intensify my body.
May the responsibility of the New Year
Glorify my life.
May only the divinity of the New Year
Fully satisfy me.
-Sri Chinmoy

Information about the 12/31/2009 Blue Moon Eclipse found here. Blessed be.


song! said...

Happy New Year to You and Your Family Cyn

Love and Prayers



Double Jointed Fingers said...

How lovely! And, I do believe - in the power of the friendships I have with amazing sisters that I have met along the way. And, which you are one of a very few.

Happy New Year, my friend. I did the tarot today and picked the ace of cups. I am hoping that the new year will be kinder to both of us.


song! said...

Same with you of a very few.

That song?

Sounds like an affirmation to me. I used to sing it, when I was well.....way way back.

I didn't know you were a Cancer too?

It has to get better Cyn....

I don't know what the Ace of Cups means?


Sounds good though :)

Richard said...

nice article.

Perhaps some

All the best

Greenconsciousness said...

Hey, when I mentioned Doreen Virtues cards are good to mix altogether and pull from, I did not mean her "Faeries" deck which I just saw -- sort of a reduced version of what came before.

The decks I mixed altogether to use are older:

1. Goddess Guidance
2. Archangel Oracle
3. Messages from your angels


The ace of cups is new beginnings especially in relationships but also in creativity like the first stroke on a new white canvass -- the excitement of hope and glorious expectations -- it is a glorious phase.

the ACE is the number 1 and then the cards proceed through all the permutations that occur in the energy of that element -- here in the ace of cups,love, intuition, creativity and relationships until it culminates in the 10 of cusps.

Similarly in all the small cards.

Cups = hearts = water = feeling - relationships and creativity Gabriel

Wands = clubs = fire = energy -inspiration - action - profession/career Michael

Swords = spades = air = intellect and reasoning - thought - (most misunderstood element even in the tarot) Raphael

Disks = diamonds = earth = wealth, resources = Sachael

The Ace through the 10 are all relational -- they show how that suit's energy starts and changes and culminates based on how it is directed and manipulated.

IMO, the absolute best book on the tarot is "The Crowley Tarot" by Akron and Hajo Banzhaf published by US Games Systems, INC in CT. They say it is also by Crowley and Harris them self but take that with a grain of salt -- Those 2 guys in Germany wrote it.

Greenconsciousness said...


the poem is more the Hermit that the Ace - don't you think? and BTW, I liked it very much

Double Jointed Fingers said...

Green, I am so glad that you posted the decks you use. I found quite a few of them on the internet and wasn't sure which 3 to use. I am going for the tarot book you recommended, too. You are a great teacher!

Hospice nurse coming Monday. We shall see.

song! said...

As I have said before. Your family is so lucky to have you. They are wealthy people, they are.


Thank you Green, for explaining the Ace of Cups. I am so glad Cyn got that one. My tendency is here to stack the deck so she gets it everyday. Somehow I don't think this is the object here! Ah
Agree with Cyn about your great teaching.


Well back to my novel. By the time I am finished, I fully expect a Fatwah, and a burning at the stake, but?

I've had a good life, I have!

Double Jointed Fingers said...

Song, how did I miss the novel? You are a beautiful writer! That is such a huge undertaking and I cannot wait to read it.

In fact, I would like to reserve my copy now, if I may. You are so multi-talented, you amaze me. :)

song! said...

"beautiful writer?" Are you kind or what Cyn?

You give me the will to go on....not much more to go...

It is a feminist novel set in modern times. It begins a year after the Phoenix Lights, the huge ET Display
that occurred on March 13, 1997.

You don't have to reserve a copy Cyn?

We haven't even gotten to the publishing part yet?

Nope. I will have to send it to you, or publish parts on the web?

song! said...

Keeping you in my thoughts each day.

Thinking about your hospice visitor.

Hope it went Ok for you, Cyn. To me? This is a place I try to forget sometimes, although I know they helped my dad. But most of the help comes from the family, and I hope you are receiving support. Great support.

In times like these, I'd rather say something "not quite right", than say nothing at all..