Friday, March 20, 2009

Align Center


Winter's barrenness has subsided,
From the death of Winter
Spring's new life.

Spring is coming to the land,
The days grow longer,
Warm breezes begin to stir.

All around us we see signs -
The growing things are beginning anew.

It's the resurrection of the dance of life.
The dance of the stems and stalks
As they push forth from the Earth.

It is the season of creation.
Growth has turned outward,
The land has become fertile again.

The Earth is caressed by
The loving touch of the Mother,
Where her hand passes.

Atoms twine together to create growth.
Buds burst open.
Leaves and vines unfurl.

She creates a vision of the green beauty.
Beauty so breath-taking after
The dark solitude of Winter.

It is this vision that we celebrate
On her day of Ostara
The world recreating itself--

Returning from the death of Winter,
Into the new life of Spring
Through the love of the Goddess.


Alessandro Machi said...

I don't want to sound dense but, there is a woman performing a ballet move within the front of the tree, yes?

Is it meant to be subtle, or is it actually quite obvious to those viewing the tree?

Has the tree been digitally altered to reflect the woman?

Double Jointed Fingers said...

I don't think so. I've always believed it was the way the tree formed. I've actually had the photo for quite a long time and if memory serves me correctly, it was a tree from Africa? To me, it represents Mother Earth and her presence in all living things.

I will see what I can find out and let you know.

Alessandro Machi said...

Another possibly dense question.

Is the tree in your picture, famous?

If not, the tree should be.

Double Jointed Fingers said...

Alessandro, I found many pictures of the tree on the internet, but couldn't find the original and found no information about its origin.

You are not only the man with the most beautiful name that I've ever heard, but one with good taste, as well.

I'll keep looking and if I find further information, I will let you know.