Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Hypocrite President

As is my habit, I wake up each morning and listen to C-Span. This morning I awoke earlier than usual and was subjected to Obama's speech from last evening. I had no intention of watching this speech, as I am sick of being talked at by a whiny voiced professor.

What I heard was clear. The man who ran for the presidency on his "no vote" for the war was now George W. Bush, spouting how we've done so many wonderful things for the Iraqi people. What a wonderful war this was! We are such wonderful leaders of the free world!

This President, in a very short time, has morphed into exactly what the last president was - a corporate shill willing to put American lives on the line because he isn't strong enough to end the lies. The sellout didn't take very long at all.

In my opinion, this speech has done more to harm than good to his plunging poll numbers.

Oh, and if you are interested, you can read about all of the wasteful spending on this war here via JohnWSmart

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