Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Power of the President

Via Glenn Greenwald Charlie Savage:"I'm a huge fan of executive power, but if someone came up to you and said the government wants to target you and you can't even talk about it in court to try to stop it, that’s too harsh even for me," he said."

NYT "A large number of people inside the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department “believe, incorrectly but vehemently,” that enforcement of the Voting Rights Act “should not be extended to white voters but should be limited to protecting racial, ethnic and language minorities,” said the official, Christopher Coates, the former chief of the Justice Department’s voting section."

Gosztola "The Obama administration's adoption of the stonewalling tactics and opaque policies of the Bush administration flies in the face of the president's stated desire to restore the rule of law, to revive our moral standing in the world and to lead a transparent government. This decision is particularly disturbing given the Justice Department's failure to initiate a criminal investigation of torture crimes under the Bush administration."

Is it just me, or is there a pattern here?
CORRENTE: more disturbing news

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