Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Chelsea for US Senate

I know, I know. Hillary's status remains in limbo. I'm not sure if Obama is having second thoughts or if Hillary hasn't made her decision on tying her future to an empty suit. In any case, if she leaves the Senate, who better to take her place than Chelsea? After all, Papa Bill says she is the "best politician in our family"! And, as a NY'er, I believe that Hillary's seat should go to a woman.

I mean, if Biden can save his seat for his son, Beau by appointing his chief of staff, Ted Kaufman, until 2010, why can't Hillary give her seat to Chelsea?

Here's Chelsea's Wikipedia profile. Pretty impressive, huh? What do you think?


Alessandro Machi said...

Excellent point about Chelsea, Hillary, Joe, and Beau.

Seriously, it is a spectacular point. I'm trying to remember the minimum age. Is it thirty?

I think Chelsea is only 28?

If I'm wrong please correct.

Double Jointed Fingers said...

Alessandro, I checked and you are correct. However, Senate terms are 6 years, Hillary won in 2006 and Chelsea was born in February, so she will be 30 in 2010. Hillary could do the same thing Joe's doing with Beau.

On the other hand, it appears that one no longer has to produce a birth certificate. So, if Obama was born in the US, maybe
Chelsea is already 30? ;-)

Shainzona said...

DJF...Funniest comment of the week on any blog!

And so true.