Friday, November 14, 2008

The Hatred of Sarah Palin - Debunked

A rant from one of my new favorite feminists, Soopermouse. And the following is just a snippet!

There is much self reinforcement to be gained from watching people make the same choices you do. We are social animals, and the opinion of the majority does matter. Especially when you do question your own choices, knowing everyone else did the same thing and is equally miserable wil make you feel better.

This is why these feminists felt threatened by Sarah Palin. She was the conservative woman who did not fit into their narrow weltanschauung of conservative women. She was successful and making choices that were contrary to theirs. Which meant that their choices were not the be all end all. Which meant that they were not infallible.

The whole paradigm was falling on their heads with a threatening thud.
So what did they do? They tried to fit Sarah into the generally accepted standard of conservative woman. First they tried to push the meme that she was just a puppet for her husband. That didn't work because it is about as fake as Amanda Marcotte's feminism.

So when that didn't work, they tried to make her the monster. She charged victims for their rape kits. She burned books. She fired people. She was evil. She believed in ID, she forced her daughter to have a child, she cut funding for teen mothers, she believed in abstinence only.
All of the above ( in case you are a stupid fuck who can't possibly check its own facts) are lies. Lies easily debunked. But debunking them caused the same problem- if Sarah is not a monster then those who attack her are. Who would want to regard themselves as monsters? Nobody.

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