Friday, October 09, 2009

Another What the F@%K Moment

I find it ironic that a president who used every trick in his bag to claw his way up the ladder, who threw anyone who got in his way under the bus and is responsible for me changing my political affiliation from Democrat to No Preference has been given the Nobel Peace prize.

According to the commentator on the BBC news this morning, it was his message of hope. You remember, hope and change you can believe in. It doesn't seem to have worked out so well on the side of the ocean.

I must be racist.


song! said...

Hahahaha! nope you aren't a racist.


Just took two anti obama posts down.

can't stand to look at 'em every time I log in...


Have a great day.

song! said...

just to let you know Cyn..

I think i got a job....temporary..

but in this economy better than nothing.