Monday, October 19, 2009

The Real Questions

I don't think Americans are asking the right questions. It isn't whether Obama is tough enough. The real questions are:

Is Obama experienced enough?
Is Obama too beholden to corporate interests?
Is Obama too worried about how his presidency will be seen in history?
Is Obama relying on Rahm and Axelrod too much?
Does Obama understand economics?
Does Obama listen?
Does Obama care?

And, these questions should have been asked and answered before he was in office, not after. Hillary's 3:00AM campaign commercial keeps running through my head.

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Alessandro Machi said...

Excellent list. Did Barack Obama go to Bali to finish writing his book about his dad while his mother was actually dying from Cancer in Hawaii?

If yes, why was it ethical for Barack Obama to actually elicit sympathy about his dying mother during the Texas Caucus contest?

Why did Barack Obama then mention his mother AGAIN in the second debate against John McCain?

If Barack Obama chose to write a book about his dad and in the process not be with his mother while she was dying, then don't bring up the topic to gain votes and win sympathy.

If I am wrong, somebody from the media, please produce the timeline that shows that Barack Obama did favor writing a book about his dad while his mother was dying in Hawaii.