Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Can you tell lying little Scottie pisses me off?

A recent delight was to stumble on a diary on ePluribus Media by Aaron Barlow called The Poetry of Scott McClellan

It was a poem created by using the precise words of White House spokesperson Scott McClellan, exactly as he said them during a news conference on November 9, 2005. It is redacted only by leaving out the questions to which he was responding. At first, my reaction was that it was damn funny. I gave kudos to Aaron for his good catch that had seen the humorous possibilities of stringing all these hollow phrases together in this way. My second reading of the poem made me realise that Aaron had created something more than just an amusing diary. If Tracy Emin can create a major contribution to BritArt by displaying in the Tate Modern a scrap of paper on which are written her meaningless jottings, so Aaron has created art out of Scotty's equally meaningless and stumbled stonewallings.

I've hope I've piqued your interest, because if you are still reading, this is spectacular.

ee cummings 2006

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