Sunday, January 15, 2006

I Am A Cologne/Perfume Snob

Excellent perfume or cologne is my addiction. I don't care what it costs if I love it. And, it is my morning ritual, putting that lovely scent on my neck and my wrists. And when I catch a wiff of it during the day, it reinforces my mantra that it is worth every penny I spend. Ummmm......

I have become addicted to the Santa Maria Novella one note scents. They are clean and pure. I started with Caprifogilo, the subtle Honeysuckle. Then, Ginestra, a fresh green and floral scent that is called Scottish Broom. Now, it is Garofano, advertised as the unmistakable fresh and invigorating scent of this flower cultivated along the Ligurian Riviera, the dianthus (carnation), means "Jupiter's flower". It was considered throughout history as the flower representing "loyalty". It's a spicy, sexy scent.

A little history about my addiction.

About the House:
Adjacent to Piazza di Santa Maria Novella is one of the oldest pharmacies in the world, established by the dominican fathers shortly after 1221, the year of their arrival in Florence. in the garden, the fathers began to cultivate the herbs that they need to prepare medications, balms and creams for the monastery's little infirmary. in 1612 the Grand Duke, Fernando I di Medici, gave the dominicans permission to open this little store - the pharmacy was opened to the public. a century later their herbal secrets had become internationally renowned.

In any case, it is pure, expensive and worth every scent ;-). And, extremely hard to find, even in NYC. Interested? Email me and I'll hook you up.

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