Monday, January 23, 2006

Pro-Choice - It's a woman's right to choose

Alito will overturn Roe and Republicans know it - They're preparing challenges right now by August Keso, January 23rd, 2006

For some completely inexplicable reason, Americans don't seem all that concerned Judge Alito is in favor of granting heretofore unheard of powers to the Executive Branch - specifically the President, and precisely the current President - George W. Bush. Bush is a President by the way, which apparently doesn't believe there to be any restrictions on the reach and scope of his power. Why this President's lust for monarchical power doesn't concern more Americans is beyond comprehension, and they seem more than willing to allow Alito on the Court, so he can ensure unbridled Executive power. Still, there is something that does worry Americans, and that is the dismantling of Roe v Wade. Make no mistake about it, Alito will vote to overturn Roe, and Republicans know that.

The Los Angeles Times reported Sunday, that Republicans and their various anti-abortion groups -- all around the nation -- are busy writing abortion laws, which they know to be in direct conflict with Roe. Why are Republicans writing laws that they know contradict a woman's Constitutional right to abortion? Simple, they know that once Alito is seated on the Supreme Court, he will rule to overturn a woman's right to choose.

The LA Times' report included the following:

"Republican Rep. Troy Woodruff, serving his first term in the Indiana Legislature, wrote House Bill 1096 knowing it would conflict with Roe vs. Wade.

"That was precisely his point: He wants his ban appealed to the Supreme Court, in hopes that the justices will overturn Roe and give states the power to make abortion a crime.

"Woodruff said, of his frontal assault on abortion, "We either want these procedures, or we don't....And I don't.

"Certainly Alito, Woodruff, and the Republican Party do not want American women to have the right to choose, but a large majority of American people wants abortion to be kept safe, legal, and available. With Judge Alito sitting on the Supreme Court, Republicans know Roe v Wade won't long last.

Alito's determination to allow Bush the power to shred the Constitution and have powers reserved only for Kings and Emperors, may not worry the American people, but the people do worry about Roe being overturned. Make no mistake about it - if there is a Supreme Court Justice Alito, American women will not long have the right to choose. Maybe that fact will move America to do the right thing and insist Alito not be granted a seat on the highest court of the land - maybe?



Ken Grandlund said...

Then people need to get off the asses and contact their senators and tell them inno uncertain terms that they oppose Alito and will not reelcet them if the confirm him.

Since the politicians are all addicted to the power they hold, they may see the light and turn Alito away.

Nechama-chan said...

I personally think it's very clear why many people don't care about today's government; and that simply is because no body has enough knowledge to stand up to it. People in my generation anyway, seem so distracted with how much they weigh, and how they look, that they really couldn't give a damn one way or the other how the country is running. Sad-yet completely true. I hope that this is a phase-but I doubt people who are that concerned about their looks will get over it when they become adults, and all of a sudden have vast knowledge about how the government impacts their life...or could impact their life. Good entry. Hope everything turns out different in the end. Peace out.