Thursday, January 19, 2006

Congresswoman Louise Slaugther on GOP Corruption and Reform

My name is Louise Slaughter -- I represent upstate New York, and I'm the ranking member on the Rules Committee.

But I am certainly honored to be standing here with these wonderful Democrat as we say today that we're taking our stand to end the Republican culture of corruption here in Washington.

And like Senator Reid, I know a little something about corruption. In the late '70s, I chaired the Public Safety Committee in the Monroe County Legislature in New York. And while it may not be well-known everywhere, both Buffalo and Rochester were notorious mob cities, and we were trying to clean up the mob.

And I was taught by the district attorney and the police chief and the sheriff to take a mirror on the stick every morning before I left the garage and look under the car to make sure there were no bombs there.

Well, I didn't flinch from any of that then, and I'm sure not going to flinch from any of this now, because I believe our democracy is at stake.

And in addition to that, they don't call me "Slaughter" for nothing.
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Blue Turtle said...

Hey there - listen, it is a lot more complicated than just they are evil and we are good! We are actually talking about "degrees" here. Ever talk to a congressional office? (call in the late 90s)


"hi - listen, I would really like to support the US pulling out of Africa, and --"

"what do you mean? There are horrible dictators there --"

"yes, but --"

"And if we don't save those poor people, who will?"

"uh - yah, but we put those dictators there ..." (lamely)

"And THAT is why we have a responsibility to be there ..."

"But that doesn't make any sense -- we are still in Iraq and have accomplished very little other than creating a situation where more people are dying and living under horrible circumstances."

"Well, who's fault is that - that is the Republicans for you!"



The point is that we are all part of the problem ... and I think part of the solution is to start looking at our own actions --

Double Jointed Fingers said...

Ms or Mr Turtle.

Actually, it is not as complicated as you state. The past is the past and, unfortunately, we have to deal with it in the present. And, this misAdministration has made it about good and evil. They are sucking the American citizen dry in favor of big business and big profits. Did you even listen to Congresswoman Slaughter's words on the video? I think not.

In any case, I appreciate you post and your position. It's always a pleasure to exchange views.