Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Audacity of Obama

Before it is scrubbed from the site: Pray for Hillary and her supporters
And Heidi Li's voice of sanity

And note the bold below. What they are actually praying for is that Hillary and her supporters drop off the face of the earth so Obama can become president. Obama is Bush the Second and unless we do something soon, he will be coming to a town near you, where he will remain for the next 4 years. I'm not sure about God, but I know that Goddess is pissed to no end.

Pray for HRC and her supporters (Community Service)
From 6/1-9/1 Watching the spectical on Sat. at the rules meeting breaks my heart. We can't wait for HRC to see the light on her own, we need to begin praying for her and her supporters now. Please commit to praying for them daily to 1) stop trying to hurt the Obama's and the Democratic party. 2) Pray God will speak to them all and change their hearts so their only pursuit will be party unity and whole heartedly backing Sen. Obama.

Time: Friday, August 29 at 12:00 PM
Host: Carolyn Jenkins
Right where you are each day (Stafford, VA)
Associated Groups: Barack's Inspired Phone Bank Army, Faith-Action-Change Virginia, Fauquier Residents for Obama, Mary Washington Students for Barack Obama, Prince William County Virginia group, Pro-life for Obama, Rappahannock County for Barack Obama, Stafford County for OBAMA, The Substance of Hope, Veterans and Other Heroes, Virginia for Obama, Virginia Veterans for Obama, Website Designers for Obama, Woodbridge, VA for Obama
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