Saturday, August 23, 2008

What Were They Thinking??

OK, I just woke up and this is off the top of my head, but... JOE BIDEN?

The same Joe Biden who voted FOR the Iraq war?
The Same Joe Biden who stole a speech from a guy in England the first time he ran for President?
The same Joe Biden who, in 2005, voted for the egregious Republican Bankruptcy Bill?
The same Joe Biden who lives in a blue state with 3 electoral votes?
The same Joe Biden who is Senator for the State of Delaware, the corporate home of credit card companies, as Delaware allows them to charge credit card rates of 25%, 29%, and even 32%? Rates that other States find usurious and illegal?
The same Joe Biden whose mouth sometimes gets ahead of his brain? I can't wait for the commercials to start.

Biden isn't the "come knocking with hat in hand" sort of guy. You know, trying to convince us to vote for the O-Man. He's arrogant, too.

I'm hearing that he will be the "attack dog". The go to guy to smear McCain. Well, I'm sure the walks-on-water-chosen-one could never stoop that low.

In my opinion, they may get some Hillary male backers to support the Democratic ticket, but it won't inspire any women. If this choice was about winning the presidency instead of about Obama's huge ego, it would have been an Obama/Clinton ticket. Not that I wanted Hillary on this ticket, as I think she would have been blamed for his mistakes and he would have been given credit for her achievements. However, I would have had to vote for a ticket that included the most experienced candidate, even if she was on the bottom of the ticket.

So that burden has been lifted. Go Barry. Yawn.
UPDATE: Someone Agrees with Me

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