Sunday, June 01, 2008

DNC Decision Roundup

Ickes was enraged. "I am stunned that we have the gall and the chutzpah to substitute our judgment for 600,000 voters," he told his peers. "Was the process flawed? You bet your ass that it was flawed. . . . You bet your ass a lot of people didn't vote." Ickes accused the committee of "hijacking" delegates -- "not a good way to start down the path of party unity."

Ok, they are clearly not paying any attention. They are going to shove Obama down our throat for our own good, sort of cod liver oil without a spoonful of sugar.

I will say this for sure though. If we keep hearing “unity” without any effort to really, like, you know, “unify”, McCain’s redecoration of the Oval Office will be all but assured.

We know why the RBC did what they did. They have completely disgraced themselves. The DNC lost. They are in a hole for November. If they don’t want it to be a total blowout for McCain, it would behoove them to stop digging.

River Daughter
I am leaving the Democratic Party on Monday. I will go to the post office when it opens and re- register. I will send my new registration as an independent to the DNC. I encourage everyone who cares about democracy to do the same.

Even slaves got 3/5th "counted" in 1789. Florida and Michigan voters - do you see what the vipers at the DNC did today? Your votes, your power, your voices - were sliced in half.

The DNC debased the entire notion of democracy. All non Clinton votes in Michigan were unilaterally awarded to Obama. The rules committee also awarded Obama 4 of Clinton's delegates.

John at Liberal Rapture
My man’s parents are in town this weekend, and I just got online about an hour ago to catch up on the RBC fiasco today. I’m assuming you’re all up to date already, so I’m going to leave you overnight with some links about “unity” and, and the slow unraveling of the party. I like to excerpt, so hopefully you’ll ready through and “enjoy” the theme of democracy

Lat e Night H1K: Choking on unity
* The tin ear showing underlying misogyny and sexism reveals itself again, via the adviser's remarks. Every high school girl in America and everybody who ever was one or respected one should be disgusted by this comment. Why? Because it is disgusting. And no less disgusting because made by a woman. (Based on her name, I'm guessing that the adviser is female. But women, like men can be misogynist and sexist toward women. Sadly, sometimes the most bigoted people are those who have internalized a larger cultural attitude often applied to them.)
* Then there's the fresh display of contempt not only for women, and not only for Senator Clinton, but also for voters' rights. This time it is the superdelegates Senator Obama wants to tamper with. Note that even if right this minute he succeeded in getting every superdelegate to say he or she would be or is supporting him, a superdelegate is in no way way pledged before the actual Party Convention: they are committed by their ballots at that time and they can change their votes in between balloting if it takes more than one round to select a nominee.
* Senator Obama is either not as smart as I would assume him to be or he is as arrogant as many others think he is. But either way, his plan to claim this nomination prior to the only event this year at which a candidate can become the official candidate of the Democratic Party further demonstrates a peculiar approach to internal Party rules. Senator Obama insists on them when it suits him; and disregards them when they do not. Let us hope he does not take take a similar approach to laws.
Heidi Li
So, I'm going to keep this simple and straightforward: those of you who have been screaming about the rules, please show me where the rules provide for the DNC to simply allocate pledged delegates to a candidate who was not by any of the absurd allocation rules voted those pledged delegates. I don't care about what you think was fair, or what you want people to believe someone once said about the two states and their alleged rules violations, or who you think has won or is more electable or is nicer or more honest or whatever some of you love to rant about, no matter whether or not it relates to the actual posted topic. I want you to show me the rule that says a candidate who was not voted pledged delegates from a state can simply be awarded pledged delegates by the DNC. Because the rules were changed, today, in the middle of the game, but not by Hillary Clinton or her supporters.

turkana at The Left Coaster
I am incredulous. I am changing my registration from Democrat to Independent on Monday. I cannot support a party that treats women like second class citizens and makes back room deals. No way, no how.

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