Monday, June 09, 2008

The Truth About Senator Clinton's Speech

I received this email from a Hillary Supporter that I know well. Not exactly what the MSM would have you believe.

Hello to all HRC Supporters,

Don't believe the hype...Catherine G. and I (Elaine K.), were present at the sobering speech delivered by Presidential Candidate and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC), on Saturday, June 7 in Washington D.C. By now I'm sure you have watched, read, and have seen some photos/video from the event.

Let us share with you the things the media didn't/ won't convey and some interesting observations of it all:

- The Obama (BHO), camp flooded the room with his supporters.

-The BHO supporters were in full throttle and exuberantly applauded at every chance for him. This was not only a disrespect to steal her momentum, but also down play any angst her supporters were feeling during this most sombering of occasions.

- None of the DNC leadership members were present, most notably, Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi (how's that for respect and party unity)?

-Obviously overtaken with emotions of the occasion, Dorothy Rodham (Senator Clinton's mother) and Bill Clinton wept.

- BHO not only did not watch the event, a true show of disregard...and would later "claimed" to have watched it on the Internet.

- HRC Supporters reactions varied from bewilderment, sadness, resolve, disappointment and anger. All in all it was a most sombering of events. The mood afterwards was most a feeling of the aftermath of a funeral. (An excruciating murder by the DNC and BHO).

Draw your own conclusions.

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