Sunday, June 08, 2008

I've Unsubscribed from the DNC - AGAIN!

I unsubscribed from DNC emails quite a while ago. A few weeks later, I received an email from the DNC and unsubscribed yet again. Today, I received an email called "Unity". I have now unsubscribed for a 3rd time. However, this time, I had to wait for a second email from the DNC containing a "Confirmation Code", follow back to the unsubscribe page and enter it in a box. Thank goodness I kept that unsubscribe page with the little box for the confirmation code open in my browser, as the email containing the code did not include a link back to the original page. Additionally, the email did not immediately hit my inbox.

Why is the DNC making this so complicated? Where was Dean when I sent several messages to him on topics ranging from seating Michigan and Florida, sexism in the campaign and the anti-Hillary posts on the DNC official blog? I never received one answer or even a lousy canned confirmation that he had received them.

So, DNC, hopefully this will be good-by for good.


Shainzona said...

The DNC is playing games on unsubscribing...I have tried on 6 separate occasions and have never gotten the "confirmation code" in return. I actually called them and left a terse (to say the least) message on the techie's voice mail - suggesting that if they don't stop this, we will find out the regulatory agency to scream bloody murder to.

Also, don't forget to return their envelopes empty (someone suggested we tape it to bricks as they will have to may the postage!!) with NObama written all over the front and help influence the post office workers!!

Double Jointed Fingers said...

How well I know! I used to be on the DNC blog and my identity was hacked, so the moderator told me to sign up with a new name and email. I used a Yahoo account for the 2nd account and I did not get the confirmation code email on that account.

I love the envelope idea!