Sunday, June 01, 2008

Subliminal Cult of Obama, a/k/a Trinity, I Never Knew Ye

The photo above is a Reuters photo from a Yahoo news story about Obama quitting his church. In fact, the full text is
U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama waits to speak in Aberdeen, South Dakota May 31, 2008. Obama said on Saturday he quit his Chicago church in the aftermath of inflammatory sermons that could become a lightning rod in the November election.

Note the halo and uplifted face. Oh, yeah, I'm feeling it. He is the Race Martyr.


Anonymous said...

I followed a link from Anglachel's Journal.

What does "Race Martyr" mean? I understand your objection to the picture, but I do not understand this phrase. Thank you.

Double Jointed Fingers said...

Dear MissPlaced:

Poor Barack. In his quest to become the nominee he has had to throw his white Grandmother under the bus. Now, he has thrown his black church leaders under the bus.

Ergo, he's the Race Martyr. He is just doing what he has to do to claw his way to the convention.