Monday, June 02, 2008

It's Official

As Uppity says Barack Obama is the first first candidate to ever, in the history of America, be handed
1) votes that never occurred,
2) votes that were cast for someone else, and
3) delegates won by another candidate.

Due to the above, I am now a member of the Independence Party of New York State. As a committed Democrat, I feel bad that the party has veered so far from the party I joined at age 18. I have held both political and elected offices as a Democrat. I've been on the County committee, working for our local politicans. I've even distributed Hillary's material door to door in her last Senate election.

Here's another reason:
I will not compromise my PRINCIPLES! I will not unify behind a party of cheaters and liars who have shown us what the true definition of MORAL AND ETHICAL BANKRUPTCY is. I find it completely offensive and in full contradiction of AUTHENTIC Democratic principles and values.

No...I will not line up at the edge of the cliff so that I can simply be pushed off because the "party leaders" have instructed its sheeple to do the deed. How in the hell can anyone with sound mind consider such an act a promotion of "Unity"???

This weekend, the ENTIRE world saw that the Democratic Party is NO DIFFERENT than the Republican Party. Nice work, Dean and Brazille. You have done a spectacular job of LEVELING the "moral" playing field. I, for one, will not blindly follow "leaders" that clearly lack any semblance of a moral compass. I WILL NOT SELL MY SOUL. The expectation that any of us would do so is REPULSIVE on its face.

Everyday I walk into my high school classroom and I encourage my students to honor their values and beliefs. I will not become a hypocrite in order to appease the crooked and corrupt elements within my own party. I may be the last woman standing but I REFUSE to model behavior that will compromise my integrity. The youth of America deserve better than this.

Don't tell me it's a pile of rose petals when it's a pile of horse shit.

"...the power of believing in a PRINCIPLE."- S. Corbett

Onward and upward: Mission of Independence Party

* To elevate the voters of New York State to their rightful place as the sovereign rulers of the state, reducing the office holders to the servants of the people they were intended to be;

* To create a statewide political party committed to the elimination of the electoral advantages of incumbency and the creation of a level playing field for the candidates of all political parties;

* To restore fiscally responsible government, where the state budgets to spend only what the voters are willing to pay in taxes;

* To create a political party committed to the highest standards of quality in every aspect of the party -- representation, organization, campaigning, elections, fund raising, and participation;

* To encourage voter participation and involvement, both in the party itself and in the political process as a whole.

The quality of a democracy is measured by the quality of participation by ordinary citizens. Democratic values and attitudes are learned through participation, and the highest calling of a citizen is to serve his or her fellow citizens in office as a position of trust, enjoying the bonds of affection with the voters for their willingness to sacrifice through public service. Our political party is committed to every aspect of this participation, whether in our party or in other political parties and organizations. We are thereby committed to choice in elections, volunteerism within the parties, and citizens who are willing to serve us as elected officials. We are equally committed to honest debate, the forthright presentation of our values, and respect for the rights of everyone.

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