Sunday, September 28, 2008

Big Labor Promises $300 Million in Federal Election Spending to Democrats

Obama has vowed to clean up Washington and kick the lobbyist's out. This is how he will do it

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Alliance for Worker Freedom (AWF), a non-partisan organization dedicated to combating anti-worker legislation and promoting free and open labor markets, today remarked on the political trends of Big Labor.

The Alliance for Worker Freedom recently published several union political contribution statistics. Here are just a few:

• Labor unions contributed a total of $52 million in the 2008 political cycle
• 91 percent of that went toward Democrats
• 9 percent toward Republicans
• The largest 527 contribution in 2008 cycle was from the SEIU at $18 million

AWF Executive Director Brian M. Johnson says, “It should be no surprise that when some Democrats take office, the first things they try to deliver are political kick-backs that take the rights away from average workers and give them to union bosses.”

Johnson is referring to the “Employee Free Choice Act”, a piece of legislation his organization has vehemently opposed. Currently, voting on union membership is done with a private ballot, like voting for the president. If “EFCA” is passed as presidential candidate Sen. Obama has promised, union membership will be voted on using a public ballot.

“EFCA is the most anti-worker freedom piece of legislation I have seen. To take away a private ballot will open the doors for threats, intimidation and coercion that will rival 1950s gangster movies,” adds Johnson. “Rank-and-file union members should be very afraid.”

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