Friday, September 26, 2008

Obama Sends Advance Team to Meet with Ahmadinejad

From Count Us Out via Pagan Power

Jodie Evans, fundraiser and personal friend of Barack Obama, met yesterday with the president of Iran, the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism. The purpose of the meeting, according to Evans, was to promote peace. Right.

Obama Campaign Supporters Meet With Iranian President

Jodie Evans, who co-hosted Obama’s first major fundraiser in Hollywood in February 2007 just after Obama announced his candidacy and is a top fundraiser and donor to Obama’s campaign, led a delegation of leftist anti-American groups that held a private meeting near the United Nations. The stated purpose of the meeting was to “serve as an opening for diplomatic resolution” to prevent war between Iran and the United States.

Given Evans’ close relationship with the Obama campaign it seems likely this meeting was at the behest and approval of the Obama campaign.

Evans has a long history of opposing positions that most Americans hold sacred. For instance, she believes that Osama bin Laden was justified in attacking our country. Just the sort of person you might expect would fit comfortably in the Obama inner circle. After all, Obama is also close personal friends with terrorist Bill Ayers too.
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