Monday, September 01, 2008

Misogyny is alive and well at the DNC

I guess when your party's nominee is a misogynistic, lying, sexist man, you pattern yourself after him. Way to go, Democratic bloggers. I'm pretty sure anyone wandering over to your blog for information won't be inspired by your words.

Behold the comments on the DNC blog:

I heard that mchorny was looking at his VP's boxcar butt. What a dirty old man.
Posted by Johne on August 31, 2008

Sally and his ilk is always talking about somebodys butt, i wonder if he has seen his Republican parties, CEO of the Republican Convention, Mrs. Fat Arse Maria Cino. Hillary looks skinny next to her. This is a Amazon of a woman. She definitely eats at all you can eat buffets. And then after she eats there they put a sign on the outside of the restaurant, that says ("COME EARLY") Maria Cino CEO of the Republican party eats here today.
Posted by chassie

How long to you think it will take TMZ to find out the truth about that Downs Syndrome baby, that is Palin's 16 year old daughters. Just like Rove to not do all of his homework. I give it 2 weeks, but I hope it is later like October 22nd would be great. Palin is a lieing fake, baby not hers - 16 year old unmarried daughters basstard. Fun times ahead my friends, fun times ahead.
Posted by newsjunkie on August 31, 2008

UPDATE: Read what zuzu says

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