Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Call It Out!

Are you sick and tired of women bashing other women?
C’mon, ladies:
Issues are fair game. Sexist or other degrading attacks are not!
The New Agenda plans to speak out against these personal attacks.
We’re starting a new initiative…

BOO: When we observe women making personal attacks on another woman, we will call her out and provide her email address for all of us to contact her and ask her to stop!

YEAH: When we see a woman agree or disagree based (appropriately) on issues, we will also speak out to commend her.

Our hope is to open eyes and minds to the fact that personal attacks—sisters on sisters—must stop! Stay with the issues!

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The New Agenda

1 comment:

Shainzona said...

That is my favorite picture - besides the one of HRC in the rain during the primaries.

I am so proud to be a woman. I used to be proud to be a Democratic women.

Now I am free of all of those chains.

I am proud to be MY woman!