Monday, October 27, 2008

Media Bias? Say What?

CNN's John King
You know media bias has reached epic proportions when journalists are criticizing their own colleagues for a lack of professionalism in covering Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama and Republican vice presidential nominee Gov. Sarah Palin.
In an interview with South Carolina ETV set to air on “The Big Picture” Oct. 30, CNN chief national correspondent John King criticized his colleagues’ coverage of not only Obama and Palin, but the overall election. But he also found time to criticize McCain on the economy.
King said the media were too focused on Sen. Hillary Clinton’s bid for the Democratic nomination that they failed to properly vet Obama.
“I think there’s some very legitimate criticism that we did not treat all of the candidates in the Democratic race, but particularly the top two or three equally, because of the Clinton obsession in the national media,” King told host Mark Quinn. “It is a very fair point. We need to learn that lesson.”

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