Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The One is That One

Dear Miss Manners:

I've been skipping around the blog-o-sphere today and find there is a great deal of irate-tion (I made this word up for lack of a better one) from the Kool Kidz. It seems that McCain called "The One" "That One". You know, instead of "The One" as in "The One We Have Been Waiting For", as I believe was originally opined by the Odious Oprah.

When he called "The One" "That One", it was a horrible, horrible faux pas. One that violated the Kool Kidz sense of, well, you know, manners. How could anyone possible confuse "The One" with "That One" and think he could get away with it! The raw nerve of John McCain has set people to hand wringing and gnashing of the teeth.

But I digress. Getting back to my question, could you please explain the difference between calling "The One" "That One" and a Purposeful Snub? Specifically, if calling "The One "That One" rises to the level of snubbing a Senator who is running against you in a primary by turning away when she has the grace to come over to your seat in the Senate and offer her hand to you?

Thank you, Dear Miss Manners. I shall not be able to sleep until I receive your reply.

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