Thursday, October 16, 2008

If You Read But One Post This Year

Let it be The Lady Killers by Anglachel posted here

A brief preview:
That female identification with Hillary and later Palin has been dismissed as either irrational (vagina voting) or actually a sign of secret racism exposes the ease with which misogyny is mobilized to try to belittle, badger, and dominate. Its very ubiquity makes it unremarkable and difficult to problematize. Our arguments and explanations on how we perceive our interests to be best served are trivialized as the whines of “bitter knitters” instead of serious challenges by engaged citizens. Insisting that we be heard garners a mix of aggressive bluster and wide-eyed faux-innocence.

Misogyny deniers try to focus on just a few figures, and explain away broad actions as being reasonable responses to these despicable, polarizing broads. No, no, it’s not that we are kicking women down; it’s that Hillary’s a cold bitch! We’d like someone else. But not Ferraro, that racist, shriveled up old hag. And Chelsea is really just letting herself get pimped out. Then we defend teenage sexuality, except for that wanton slut, Bristol Palin, and her bigger slut, the mother I’d like to fuck (MILF), Sarah.But then how to explain the fury expressed at women who do not support Obama?

Too many doing this, male and female alike, will not accept that the modes of attack “work” because they rely on a background of bigotry and denigration that attaches itself to all female bodies. They can laugh at images of a fist smashing into Palin’s face until her bones a re broken and her teeth are knocked out because that is an excusable, if not precisely acceptable, way to treat women in this culture. The shirt “Bros before Hos” with Obama and Hillary’s faces on it was a giggle fest for most of the left wing blogs ( at worst a “tsk, tsk, that’s childish” objection) but “works” because women are whores and we brothers have to stick together against those greedy bitches. We all know women are just out to bleed you dry, just like your ex-wife did. The current pop hit “Whatever You Like” is little more than a sugar-coated version of a man asking to buy access to a woman’s body, but the bro/ho relationship is clear.

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