Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A Case for Term Limits

One of my favorite writers, Andrew C. White, has a very interesting post up at The Albany Project detailing the pervasive corruption of former NY Senate Majority Speaker Joe Bruno.

On Bruno's Daughter:
Associates of Susan Bruno say privately that during the past five years, she seldom appeared at the office - perhaps once a month, according to one person - and that she was allowed the unusual arrangement of working from her home.

Her long absences from foundation offices at the corner of State Street and Broadway led staffers to use her private office for meetings, according to those who have worked with her.
On Bruno's Brother:
State commissioners and their deputies usually work in Albany or New York City. But the deputy commissioner at the state's Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services - who happens to be the brother of Joseph L. Bruno, the powerful Republican majority leader of the State Senate - got a new office this year in Saratoga Springs, closer to his home than Albany, at a cost to the state of $54,400 a year.

Turns out it was a very nicely furnished office as well. As I recall they go on to report it was very tastefully decorated with expensive chandeliers at tax payers expense as well.
What really irks me is the fact that through forty plus years of Bruno's service (if one can call it that), there must have been many, many politicians and others, including his allies and enemies, who knew exactly what was going on, but the mafia-like code of silence prevailed. That is unacceptable. We've become a nation of looking out for what is best for "me" instead of calling out crimes and corruption. Just like the Madoff Ponzi scheme. I find it hard to believe that no one knew what was going on, especially given Madoff's cozy relationship with the SEC.

New Yorkers are struggling economically. Now we learn that once again, we have been sucked dry by the very people who have been elected on a promise to promote what is best for the citizens of New York. I am beginning to feel that the moral bankruptcy of this country is our greatest flaw. If our elected officials are unable to speak out about corruption, cronyism, pay for play and other gluttonous behavior of politicians who fritter away taxpayers money, then we can at least help to alleviate their damage by limiting them to two terms.

I believe that term limits would benefit Federal Government, as well. If so, we wouldn't have a Kennedy demanding a senate seat for his inexperienced niece, or Senator Byrd trying to make a point about heaven knows what. Our government has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous.

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