Saturday, January 03, 2009

It Isn't Racism If You're a Muslim

We learned a lot in 2008. We learned that Racism trumps Sexism. We learned that a seemingly innocuous comment by a female candidate for President of the United States (or a comment from her husband), could and would be blown up by media and airheads as they twisted the words to fit the needs of the Other candidate for President.

We've now learned that Muslims have been relegated to the same low rung of the ladder as females. This headline is too little, too late. AirTran apologizes for removing Muslim passengers. It reinforces my perception that we didn't learn anything about equality during the 2008 election process. What we did learn is that an unqualified candidate with a glib, manipulating campaign manager who saw something missing in the hearts of Americans after 8 years of Bush, war and a failing economy knew he could build a fake media hype for The One We Have Been Waiting For and, in so doing, he has set back the fight for equality years and years. You see, it is not okay to ever criticize a black person, even if you don't agree with them. It is, however, okay to kick a family off of an airplane due to their religious persuasion. Can you imagine what would happen if this family of nine on their way to a vacation in Florida had been black? In your wildest dreams can you picture them being kicked off of the plane while discussing the seating arrangements and thereafter held for several hours for questioning? No. And they shouldn't be. No one should.

Equality is not just for black people. And, it's not just for men. It's for each and every person on this planet. The Obama campaign and the main stream media accomplished nothing when it comes to eradicating racism and bigotry. In fact, they did the opposite. They twisted the entire concept and made anyone who wasn't thrilled about Obama into a racist. You were a racist if you didn't support him. I wonder how Obama feels about the Muslim family that was kicked off of the plane. I haven't heard him speak out about this egregious act, nor have I heard anyone from MSN condemn it.

Until equality comes to all of the people we will continue on this road to hell. And the next person that says Obama's election is a dream come true for equality will be subjected to an unholy rant from yours truly.

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Greenconsciousness said...

I don't know about this. You know a lot of women got raped because they had been shamed into not being suspicious of strange men if they were black. Do not doubt this, I went through the system with them. Every time a black man gets up and talks about how racist white women act afraid when they get in an elevator with them, I want to scream. BO pulled this crap about his grandmother who was harassed on the street because neither him nor his grandfather could get off their rear to give her a ride to work. Then, BO blamed her and called her a racist for complaining. Women should be very very very suspicious of any man until they know someone and have checked out all a person's references.

There has been a campaign (starting with those Muslim clerics praying in the plane's aisle and asking for seat belt extenders, going to the bathroom) to shame people who report Muslims suspicious behavior. Now these girls who told the attendant are shamed. They will not report again. And I believe the "sister" did this deliberately. She saw the girls looking at them. She did not smile or say anything to ease their fears. She enjoyed their fear. Now they play victim. This is an actual Muslim technique called Taqiyya.

They are using the US tolerance value to make a report of oppressive or threatening behavior viewed as racist and discounted. We should be suspicious of Muslims just because they are Muslims. The holding of women as property, the conversion by force and the refusal to accept free speech, secular lifestyles and the penalty of death meted out by clerics are all part of the religion of peace. We have a right to be suspicious of anyone embracing the Muslim religion, just as we would be suspicious of a member of the KKK, or any group that espouses violence to control its opponents. Be suspicious of white hoods and females with covered heads. Regardless of the off heard mantra "it is not all Muslims" No it is not, but having not rid them self of those who are they will justifiably be scrutinized as well. After all, the dangerous are not just a few fringe groups. They rule in Palestine, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and are significant in Iraq Afghanistan, Pakistan Somali, Congo - and many segments of the immigrant community. They control the Muslim school system.

Taqiyya is going on in Gaza right now. Hamas shells Israel for 6 months under a peace agreement, puts the rockets around children and in family's homes, and then, when Israel acts in self defense, exaggerates civilian casualties to gain world sympathy. At the same time their sympathizer try to intimidate people by white heat raging demonstrations in foreign countries which they migrated to out of love for their culture.

I do not think we should make people afraid to report suspicious behavior of Muslims by crying racism.

I am not sure but I think these men got these women in arranged marriages from the middle east. I know they are citizens but I thought they said the women were from Pakistan. I think that is interesting if true. Since they are being presented as all American boys. I hope women do not get fooled again. There is nothing about the Muslim religion, custom or culture that should be acceptable to free women. And women should not be afraid of being labeled racist for saying so and acting suspicious of Muslims.