Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New York Abortion Bill

Scare tactics seek to undermine proposed state law
Corinne A. Carey Full Story Here

Most New Yorkers don’t realize that our state’s laws do not affirmatively protect this fundamental right; we rely on Roe for that protection. In fact, New York law still treats abortion as a crime and does not safeguard women who need abortions to protect their health in the last trimester of pregnancy.

Recent Supreme Court decisions weakened Roe’s protections of reproductive freedom. Although we now have a pro-choice president, the balance of the Supreme Court is unlikely to change soon. And states around the country have passed laws directly challenging Roe. If even one of these laws is brought to court, we are all at risk.

The Reproductive Health Act (RHA) would modernize New York’s laws and protect our rights. It regulates family planning as a public health issue rather than a crime, and ensures that if continuing a pregnancy jeopardizes a woman’s health, she has safe, legal options.

This month, flyers replete with misinformation and scare tactics were distributed to parishes throughout the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo. Though they’re entitled to their opinion, abortion opponents should not distort the facts to promote their agenda. It’s time to correct the record.

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