Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nannies and Taxes

Funny. Problems with a housekeeper and income taxes derailed Caroline's quest for Hillary's senate seat.

However, it's not much of an issue for Tim Geithner. Double standard anyone? Not that I believed Caroline was qualified to be Senator. But I sure don't believe a tax evader should be Secretary of the Treasury.

We've learned that Race trumps Misogyny. Now, we've learned that Experience trumps Honesty. Wonder what other lessons we will learn from Obama, et al?

And, according to Robert Harding, Gov. Paterson will announce Hillary's replacement tomorrow at noon, although he picked the person last weekend. I don't think it will be Andrew Cuomo, as it is expected he will run against Paterson in the Democratic primary for Gov. Should be interesting. I am pulling for Maloney. I did campaign for Gillibrand in her first campaign, but she leans too far to the right.

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