Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's Not About Race

Obama's speech today had much to do with an underlying angry current in the Black community and his belief that due to his unique life experiences (including having a White mother and a Black father), he is the only person that can heal the divide and bring this country together.

Apparently, this can only be accomplished by electing Mr. Obama President. This will appease Blacks, who feel the pain of segregation and racial bias and have let these feelings fester for years and years. According to Obama, one can see that anger in the videos of Reverend Wright's divisive sermons (of which Obama now admits to have witnessed after days of claiming he was never present). This can only be remedied by Obama and only if you elect him President. However, it seems to me that if this anger has been festering for so long, electing a Black man President isn't enough to heal it.

Racism and sexism are both alive and thriving in America. Unfortunately, Obama is all too willing to use his race as a wedge and is very quick to label any remarks that don't suit him as racially motivated. It is a definite pattern in his campaign, starting with Clinton's statement about MLK before the South Carolina primary and culminating in Gerry Ferraro's remark last week. Now, he's made himself the Black candidate for President.

I find this quite disingenuous. If Obama is truly distressed about the injustice and divide in America, he would better serve this cause by making this his life's work. He claims to have started as a community organizer and he could do much more for for injustice by working towards this healing, using his amazing oratorical gift to bring people together. He seems much better suited to that, although I do have to say what has he done for his people so far?

I believe that our next President has an enormous task. President Bush has done so much damage, the next President was have multitude of difficult issues to face. Healing a racial divide is not one of them. In other words, racism has no place in this presidential election. It's only here because Obama has given it a place - front and center.

If Hillary was giving speeches about the disgraces, injustices and bias that women have had to endure for years and years and she made it a cornerstone of her campaign by vowing to heal that great divide, she would be vilified and accused of alienating an entire gender.

Obama predicates his campaign on not voting for the war. A disingenuous issue at best, as he was even not a member of the Senate when the vote was taken. But he has the luxury of saying how he would'a if he could'a.

Obama now chooses to stand by a Black spiritual leader who has falsely stated that America is responsible for Aids and 9/11. A leader that damns America, White people and screeches that Hillary has never been called nigger. It is difficult to believe that in his 20 year relationship with Rev. Wright Obama never heard him say such things, especially when it was revealed Obama knew very well he may have to distance himself from Wright in this campaign if his divisive and false statements were revealed. Selective memory is a very convenient tool, isn't it?

Obama's speech today was not about race. It was a politician's speech to save his campaign from his association with Rev. Wright. Plain and simple. The man who preaches change and unity lied about ever witnessing these sermons. Today he admits he was present when these words were spoken and he threw his White grandmother under the bus in an attempt to make his case for not disavowing Wright.

Obama is nothing more than an unvetted politician scrambling to keep his campaign from going down the tubes.


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