Saturday, March 22, 2008

Stolen Election 2008

With the determination not to allow a revote in Michigan and Florida and no word from DNC spokesman Howard Dean on a plan to seat the delegates, it's looking more and more like another stolen election for the Democratic nominee and, if the political status quo have their way, it will be Senator Clinton who gets shafted.

I wonder if the fact that Obama voluntarily took his name off of the Michigan primary slate will figure into the determination. Was this just a bad political decision or a sneaky calculated move? Was it Obama's intent to disenfranchise voters in order to promote a win for himself? It appears so.

In Florida, Obama ran political commercials on MSNBC and CNN in violation of the DNC rules forbidding candidates to campaign in that state. Oops! He blames this on buying a multi-state block of advertising and apparently no one noticed that Florida was included. Wow, chalk another one up for the Uniter.

And what about the press conference Senator Obama held after a Florida fundraiser? Oops, again! Not to mention that in that press conference he vowed "he'll do what's right by Florida voters". Really? When? Now Obama is apparently hiding behind his lawyers:

Obama has yet to declare his support or opposition, although his campaign has raised a number of procedural and legal questions about the most recent proposal for an early June primary in Michigan.

"The proposal offers a rerun for the state but not for all the voters,'' Bob Bauer, Obama's election lawyer, wrote in a memo during the day. He warned of the possibility of numerous legal challenges and embarrassment to the party.

As a Clinton supporter, I don't believe it is fair to split these delegates 50-50. That is completely unjust. Hillary won both of those states and to equally divide these votes is not fair to the voters. By the way, is the DNC enforcing all of its rules uniformly?

Finally, if the DNC and Dean cannot come to a solution that not only the candidates, but the voters of Michigan and Florida agree on, this election may as well be handed to McCain on a huge old silver platter, tied with a great big red, white and blue bow.


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Anonymous said...

As a Florida Democrat, I couldn't agree with you more!!!!! Even Congresswoman Thurman, Florida's Democrat Chairperson is trying to quel Florida's Democrats from jumping party by trying to explain the rationale behind the decision to disenfranchise us voters...too bad, I'm not buying it! You can't gag the voters and then tell them to line up behind the person they DIDN'T pick! Yesterday, I cut-up my Democrat ID card and mailed it to Howard Dean...I left a note inside telling him which part of his body he can insert it into!

jb4now said...

Obama, has been nothing but trouble, since he entered this race. I have never in all my life, seen such a travesty, as now, how can Obama, bend the rules for his own selfish means.

I don't want, nor, will not vote for Obama. He has not one time stated what he's going to do for our country, all he has done, is tarnish Hillary Clinton name. the media has not help, with them tearing Hillary to shreds, she can't do anything right, she's damned, if she do, or damned if she don't.

Yet Hillary still keep going, We her foot shoulders, will just keep going right along with her, straigth to the White House, that's what every male, that's afraid of a strong woman, know, if Hillary gets into the White House, the OLD BOYS CLUB IS TOAST, so they are doing every thing they can to discredit her. also and Educate your self.

Bud White said...

Excellent post. Morally, Hillary has already won, IMO.