Thursday, March 13, 2008

Valentine Bonnaire's Rant

Fuck you, you fucking fuck…(I’m on Geraldine Ferraro’s side).
March 12, 2008

That said, Geraldine Ferraro is correct about Barack Obama. He can go fuck himself for all I care.

It was about a year ago that I read an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times called “Obama, the Magic Negro.”

At first I couldn’t even believe my eyes. What in the hell was that word Negro doing in the paper? That word was banished from the English Language, as far as I knew, in the 70’s, along with all the other “N” words.

Seeing that word made me cringe inwardly. Not just because I’m white. Not because I’m supposed to be ashamed about my country’s history of slavery, but because we thought we’d wiped that kind of word out in my generation. I guess not. It was about two years ago or so that the word “racism” began to appear all over the place in the press, alongside a new word “schadenfreude.”

“What in the hell is this?” I remember thinking to myself. This word “racism” doesn’t belong on the pages of my newspaper. What is causing this? But then I began seeing it towards Latinos, more and more, especially with the border fence and deportations. What kind of country am I living in now?

I’m not sure.

It doesn’t feel like my America anymore. It feels like an America seriously, horribly, divided.

This morning I woke up in a furious mood. I’m watching the Democratic Party get ripped apart and shredded right before my eyes. I can’t stand it.

Looking at the headline for the “Magic Negro” again this morning feels different than it did last year. I’m glad the Times still has a link to it, so I can place it here, and everyone can read it. Revisiting the headline makes me cringe for both black and white people, once again.

But, I cringed yesterday too when the Obama camp attacked Geraldine Ferraro. Like me, she is a woman and a white feminist. This will not stand. That’s my statement this morning. And the Obama camp’s further race-based attacks on any of us “white people” won’t either.

Obama has crossed a line. Maybe, given what he has said in the past about “white women” he hates us. Hate is a two way street, though. It’s easily constellated in the right kind of climate.

I don’t believe in Magic Negroes. I believe in Black People. That may be the problem I’m starting to have with Obama. He’s not black enough for me. He’s a floating logo shaped by a guy called David Axelrod. He’s a series of target-marketed images aimed straight into the hearts of the American Public. He’s also a guy who doesn’t salute the flag and has a wife that for the first time in her life is “proud” of this country.

He’s a guy who spent in the neighborhood of $52 million to build a brand the American public was supposed to buy hook line and sinker.

I have lost any respect I might of had for him as a black man. I have lost any kind of respect for his ability to lead this country. I have lost any respect for him as a fellow human being.

I know one thing this morning. Obama doesn’t have ANY respect for white women, or feminists. His camp owes Geraldine Ferraro a gigantic apology this morning for twisting her words around, to suit his purposes.

I didn’t even know who Barack Obama was last year, when the “Magic Negro” op-ed appeared. This year, I’m getting a much clearer idea. Day by day, as I watch him destroy the Democratic Party and rip open wounds that were closed long, long ago.

Let’s see what some other people had to say this morning. Like Jonathan Kay from the National Post.

Or, Earl Ofari Hutchinson from The Huffington Post.

Better yet, here is an older article from The Examiner out of Atlanta, Georgia. It’s quite enlightening to find out who this virtual “unknown” Obama really is, at the heart.

He says:

“I learned to slip back and forth between my black and white worlds,” he wrote in “Dreams.” “One of those tricks I had learned: People were satisfied so long as you were courteous and smiled and made no sudden moves. They were more than satisfied; they were relieved — such a pleasant surprise to find a well-mannered young black man who didn’t seem angry all the time.”

The article goes on:

“Obama wrote that in high school, he and a black friend would sometimes speak disparagingly “about white folks this or white folks that, and I would suddenly remember my mother’s smile, and the words that I spoke would seem awkward and false.”

As a result, he concluded that “certain whites could be excluded from the general category of our distrust.”

Well, I guess the white feminist camp is part of that group for him now, starting with Hillary and Geraldine and me.

We do not have time, in a time of war, to be solving Obama’s personal quest for racial redemption on the national stage. We need a President. It’s not asking much, is it? To be able to elect a decent President?

The country needs some leadership, and a plan. Too much is going to be inherited from the last administration as it is.

We need a leader. Not someone who uses the destructive tactics of an Alinsky style political agenda for his own personal gain and redemption.

If the Democratic Party self-destructs? It will be Barack Obama’s fault. I guess he’ll be really proud to go down in history for that.

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