Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday Morning

It is Saturday morning and I have a zillion things to do. I'm trying Hungry Girl's low fat brownie muffin recipe with the only other ingredient being pumpkin. And, I saw a great lasagna recipe from the Barefoot Contessa, so I promised my husband that I would actually cook dinner for once,


I just cannot get out of my mind the hypocrisy of MSM in their reporting on Geraldine Ferraro and on Reverend Wright this past week. I still have my Mondale/Ferraro political button and remember clearly how the women I worked with at Life Savers in Canajoharie, NY absolutely ragged endlessly on Ferraro for having the audacity to think she could run on the Presidential ticket. I was incredulous, but was young enough to remain silent.

This week, after watching Ferraro's unwillingness to backpedal or apologize for her statement while MSM and Camp Obama zealously attempted to portray the remark as racist, I am doubly incredulous and no longer silent.


Because of Reverend Wright and his race baiting tactics caught on video posted all over the Internet and running on TV. It is sickening that our so-called journalists/political pundits could watch the Reverend Wright screaming that Hillary has never been called a nigger to a pulpit full of black people, yelling and posturing about how we deserved 9/11 and glorifying Palestine. Black or white, if you can listen to that video and not be fucking offended, there is something very, very wrong with your sense of right and wrong. It is not just the failure to see the damage this man is doing, it is the the failure to hold Obama accountable. Obama, who has been a member of this church for 20 years - donated to the church - married in the church and baptized his babies in this church. Imagine, sitting in a House of Worship with your young children by your side listening to this filth?

Where is Obama the uniter? The Obama of hope? The Obama who pledged to bring people together? Why, he is hoping the MSM won't stop giving him unrequited love or look too closely at the man behind the curtain. He is hoping people don't start to realize the total hypocrisy of the man and his message and how one doesn't have anything to do with the other.

UPDATE: This explains it. The Clinton Rules and The Obama Rules

UPDATE 2: Susan over at Thats Me On the Left has a great post up with proof that Senator Obama was present in his church when the Reverend Wright was delivering those divisive sermons.

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