Monday, December 15, 2008

Caroline Kennedy Hires a Pro

Nick Confessore just reported that Caroline Kennedy will openly seek the Clinton seat, and that she too has hired political professionals to help her effort.

A knowledgeable source I spoke to confirmed that she will campaign for the seat and that she has hired Josh Isay's consulting firm, Knickerbocker SKD, to help.
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1950 Democrat said...

She's welcome to campaign in 2010 (assuming she has a birth certificate).

But in the meantime I don't think she should be appointed to that seat.

The voters of NY elected Hillary twice. They are entitled to a Senator who will continue Hillary's policies and projects -- not Caroline, who endorsed Obama in the primary.

I think it is fine for Ted Kennedy's wife to take his seat, and Biden's aide to take Biden's. I hope some person close to Hillary gets her seat so they can continue her work.