Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Just Because - Diamonds and Rust


Greenconsciousness said...

Thanks for this.

Greenconsciousness said...

Did you listen to her house of the rising sun -- click on her face on the utube thread. I call it Joan on Trafficking.

Double Jointed Fingers said...

No - I'm going now to listen. Isn't she something?

Thanks, Green.

Greenconsciousness said...

To find her other songs, after she starts singing, there are those 3 squares--- when you click on the bottom box on the right -- then all her faces come up and one of them is HORS:

There is a house in New Orleans'
They call the Rising Sun,
has been the ruin of many poor girls,
and me, oh god, am one.

It ends with:

"One foot on the platform
the other on the train.
Going back to New Orleans
to wear
that ball and chain."

I listened to "Babe I'm going to leave you" and it chilled me.

I love early Baez especially because she sang all those Child's ballads (Scott Irish English folksongs compiled by Mr Child) from the Appalachia hills where my dad was born. That's where a lot of the Irish English Scott people settled when they came over.

If you ever get a chance to hear "Mary Hamilton", listen to the words.

It is the story of the queen's maid - lady in waiting - they were all noble women -- but who can refuse a king? Yet, to have a son with the king when the queen cannot bear an heir? It would mean the queen's death eventually.

"Last night I washed the Queen's feet and put
the Gold in her hair.
And the only reward I find for this,
the gallows to be my share.

Last night there were 4 Marys.
Tonight there'll be but 3.
There was Mary Eaton, and
Mary Seton and
Mary Carmichael and

Ah, they are all good "House Carpenter" and my god, "Silver Dagger" - her first song. Four verses that say everything about tragedy. The first verse:

"Don't sing love songs,
you'll wake my Mother.
She's sleeping here
right by my side.
And in her right hand,
a silver dagger.
She says I will not
be your bride."

And Baez's album, album "Come from the Shadows " with "Prison Trilogy". The cover alone says it all about our generation.

Whoo hoo! No one ever with a voice or a soul like Joan Baez. Thanks for bringing it all back to me today. I found a lot of my old CDs.

soopermouse said...

JUdas Priest version is better IMO :)

Double Jointed Fingers said...

Sooper, I just listened to it. Although he has a great voice, I'll stick with Baez. ;-)

Greenconsciousness said...


do you know the story -- how Dylan used Baez to become successful, humiliated her and then dumped her as soon as he was secure having always had his future wife undercover? But he was the big love of her life. And he wrote her a sickening POC in his Jesus phase "Sister o Sister"
and she wrote Diamonds and Rust about him and her memories.

Ok now you have to find her singing you have aged well with dar williams -- I have it up as THE LAST VIDEO on my last post on my website -- you can come over and see it there