Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sign the Petition - Hillary's Senate Seat

From PUMA ellurian at Hillary Unleashed, a petition for Hillary's Senate seat. NOTE: After you sign the petition, you will be directed to a site asking for a donation. You do not have to donate to participate. Once you sign and click, you are listed. We need a qualified woman like Carolyn Maloney to fill this seat. I, for one, am not interested in someone with no previous experience. NY needs adequate representation and not someone who needs on the job training (we have enough people in Gov't who have no previous experience). The best candidate is a qualified woman. ellurian's comments and the link are below:
We need someone QUALIFIED. Like Carolyn Maloney or another woman who has “paid her dues”.

We are hoping to have at least 500 signatures by next week to present a 1st run to Gov. Paterson.

All, though this is mainly a New York issue, it is also a national issue as it determines the makeup of the Senate. Please read and if you agree, sign the below petition regarding Hillary’s replacement in the Senate. The link to the petition is here:

Wording of petition:

Dear Governor Paterson,

Women are vastly underrepresented in the Senate. Although women comprise 52% of America’s population, women only comprise 17% of the Senate’s population. When Senator Clinton vacates her seat, that shamefully small percentage will shrink even further…unless you choose another woman to replace her.

As you are aware, there are a great number of qualified women who could become the next Junior Senator from New York. At the top of my list is Democratic Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, who has represented New York’s 14th District with great vigor and distinction since 1992.

Please do not harm the cause of the advancement of women by putting a man in Hillary Clinton’s seat.

Thank you.


Greenconsciousness said...

I would prefer ANY man to Carolyn Kennedy who ALSO has no experience. Now we see why BO got Hillary out of the senate. Are you doing the Kennedy's work here? The narcissistic Kennedys are a sickness on democracy. All talk and no accomplishment for workers. Appoint her and then she uses the incumbency to stay in office.

You OUGHT to be demanding a special ELECTION with your petitions rather than a back room appointment.

You remember elections -- that is what Hillary did unlike C. Kennedy who shilled for someone with no record just like herself because she could never support "that woman".

Double Jointed Fingers said...

Whoa, slow down. If you read my comment, you will see I want qualified woman, not a name recognition. Caroline Kennedy is not a qualified woman.

And, this is not my petition - I am simply hosting something I believe in. Tell me what you believe.

Greenconsciousness said...

OK - I trust you having read you all during the elections --- I guess you can know how I felt when I heard CK was meeting with the gov about being appointed. And because of the family weight the gov will have to do it. That is why we cannot just ask for a woman - I feel the same about blacks asking for a black. There should be special elections, not appointments so the people can decide. The PC thing to do is to ask for (petition for) special elections not quotas.

Double Jointed Fingers said...

Can we do a special election now? I thought that Paterson could appoint and an election would be held next term. Are you in NY?

Believe me, I am a product of the second wave. I don't cut anyone any slack. Least of all Caroline Kennedy.

Greenconsciousness said...

I know you are 2 wave and my feeling is that with enough signatures you can do anything. Senators are not going to need Hills seat until BO is in the WH. New York has enough time to do a Feb election.

Anonymous said...

The problem with that particular petition is it says "appoint a woman" which leaves the door open for Caroline Kennedy, whom I admire very much, but is NOT qualified to be the junior senator from New York.

Double Jointed Fingers said...

Blue, I know, but it does say "qualified" woman. I just read your Caroline/Carolyn post (which was wonderful) and it clearly shows that Caroline is not qualified. She is a wonderful woman and extremely accomplished in certain areas, but she has virtually no governmental experience.

Greenconsciousness said...

CK is NOT a wonderful woman - she bashed and double crossed Hillary for an unqualified male and she generated a lot of the sexist attacks through surrogates. Women will gain nothing from this woman who opposes a woman who has achieved more than she has and uses sexism to do it. CK has a sense of entitlement that is dangerous and that, if you remember, is what she accused Hillary Clinton of having for daring to be a woman of actual accomplishment.

What is Carolyn without the Kennedy PR machine? Check out her so called accomplishments. The Kennedy's have always hired scholars to inflate their worth by writing false histories. Good Luck NY, if that elitist becomes your senator.

We have a taste of those consequences here in WI. We have a multimillionaire Senator Herb Kohl who governs by PR machine and is very good at it -- we will never get rid of him. You have to pass a security check to even be considered for an appointment -- he does not answer phone calls to his Wash Office - you get a recording telling you to contact your state office.

Kohl has endless staff people to give you the run around until you're tired of trying to get a hearing. I tried around a child support issue -the military will not take child support debts from the disability checks of divorced military, in this case a convicted pedophile whose disability was pedophilia. His children needed medical assistance - the mother is a house cleaner making a little more than welfare. But the county child support offices only litigate to recoup welfare payments not payments for poor women NOT on welfare. Kohl wrote or rather had his PR people write an editorial in the state paper on how the county child support offices needed more money to "help women". Made him seem like a champion of poor women and children. I thought he did not know the county child support offices did not "help women" but only the state.

I found out that I and his working class female constituents were the only ones in the dark.

BUT there is an open door for his wealthy manufacturing friends who he makes his deals for -- it is a club to which he belongs and his work for them is kept well hidden
They in return make sure he gets good press. He doesn't need their money because he has all he needs. He even built a basketball arena for WI.

The rich have become the elite who rule and benefit their own. The way they do it is through spin. You cannot accept what the media tells you about them. You cannot believe their rhetoric. Ask for proof of any so called accomplishments meaning what has really been done and for who.