Monday, December 01, 2008

Senator Clinton's New York Senate Seat

Although as a New Yorker I will be sad to see Hillary leave the Senate, I am thrilled that this brilliant woman will have a opportunity to use her wide array of talents in a position that will benefit all Americans. I wish Senator Clinton well, trust she will fly through the confirmation hearings and know that she will be an outstanding Secretary of State.

I believe that Sen. Clinton's seat should be filled by a woman and Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney is the logical choice to fill that seat. Representative Maloney has been a tireless champion of issues affecting women and has recently written a book about women in politics entitled Rumors of our Progress Have Been Greatly Exaggerated,wherein she promotes what she calls "the 30% solution". If you haven't read it, run out and get a copy - I highly recommend it.

Another name being bandied about is Representative Kristen Gillibrand, an upstate New Yorker, recently re-elected to her second term in the House. Benjamin Sarlin has an article about possible replacements for Sen. Clinton's seat and how politics will influence who will untimately fill this seat, as does the New York Observer.

Either woman would be a great asset, although I personally prefer Maloney for her vast history and experience with women's issues. That said, one never knows what the future holds, but I am hoping that Gov. Paterson chooses a woman to fill this seat. If you agree, you may want to contact Gov. Paterson here.

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