Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Photo, updated December 21st

I'm going update this post as articles are available to make sure it stays fresh in your mind. Kennedy-Schlossberg political aspirations and corrupt Chicago politicians have a way of upstaging the shoddy treatment of women. So, I'll leave it sitting here until the misogyny is addressed by The One that brought us Jon "Just a Kid" Favreau.

From Rabble Rouser Amy - Totally Synced Up
Klownhaus - Is it just me?
He brought the cutout of Hillary to his parent's house for a party?
Another Redstar - Fav's Style
Lingual Tremors: Groping women, while drinking beer
Angry Scientist - Conversation with the President - Gropergate
Ms Placed Democrat - And the hits just keep on coming
Jane Q - Obama and Media: Silent or Dismissive?
Jon Favreau needs to be fired from RKMK
How the Media Makes Light of Gropergate
Camel's Nose - What would Arabs think?
Third Estate Sunday Review
I'm gonna buy me a paper doll from NYCweboy with a h/t to Redstar
Another from Redstar - Cardboard
Joanna The Maid
Women's Space, which led me to this article by Catharine MacKinnon
Fire Jon Favreau
Write Jon Favreau's Apology Speech
Misogny, knowing right from wrong
California NOW
Charlotte Front and Center
Hideous sexism or party prank
Obama's Message to Women: The New Agenda
Heather Gold
Puma Responders: Special resources from 1950 Dem0crat has a plethora of information.
Murphy's Gropergate Day 6
Alegre's Accountability Begins at Home with a phone number and an email address to let Obama's team know how you feel about their failure to respond.
Is firing Jon Favreau the right answer from The New Agenda
It's the System, Stupid from Violet

If you run across any related posts or if you have one up yourself, please leave the address in comments and I will link it here.


1950 Democrat said...

I'm collecting resources anti-Favreau here:

1950 Democrat said...

I'm collecting ammunition against Favreau at

Double Jointed Fingers said...

Wow, that is a great list! Thanks so much.

Simonetta Vespucci said...

Just stopped by to say..

Well Cyn, Of course! What in the world in wrong with you? Pay and play! Absolutely Michelle should have a paying job. She already got a pay raise when he went to the Senate, to the tune of $200,000..

Come to think of it, she should be given a bank..or two..Oh, or maybe a few big checks from the Gaza strip...just like "O" and maybe they could buy the east lawn of the White House for a not for a song...


have a good evening


Shainzona said...

But but but...I thought Michele was going to be a stay-at-home mom by choice?

Unfortunately the home she may be staying in is the White House.

Mr. Mack said...

Wow! Special Puma Forces Anti-Favreau unit alert! Resources! Talking Points!

Don't see it our way? The we will target YOU.

Shrill. No other word works.

It sounds familiar...oh wait!

"You're either with us, or against us!"

Simonetta Vespucci said...


Shrill is good. :)

Shrill breaks glass.

Double Jointed Fingers said...

Song, you are right - Shrill breaks glass ceilings! ;-)

Redstar said...

Thanks for the link! I also wrote this on my blog:

And NYC Weboy has this at his place:

Which was cross-posted at Shakesville (and I believe entry #114 there in the Hillary Sexism Watch was about this).

I really appreciate the list of links! I have been so frustrated by how little attention this is getting!!!

Simonetta Vespucci said...

Yes!! Cyn, Shrill does break glass ceilings...

and it frightens predators too.

As for, "you are either for us or against us"

Yes, I am not inclined to get along with ignorant
men who act like frat boys..

just sayin..


Mr. Mack said...

Its getting so little attention, thankfully, because on scale, it's a huge time and attention stealer, and there is work to do.

This calling for his head comes across as vindictive, and unproductive. He has apologized, he will probably always have this to deal with in his professional life, what is enough for you?

If you lived your whole life, and never committed any transgressions against anyone, chances are good you are Jesus Christ, reincarnated. Welcome back. Can you help us work through some of these HUGE problems?

You diminish Hillary with this shrill sounding vendetta. Politics is a contact sport, and she has proven herself able to deal with the blows, and capable of delivering a few. In the end, she is well aware of the political realities. I'll bet she's embarrassed by some of her supposed supporters.

RKMK said...

It's about a week old, but I blogged about it here:

Simonetta Vespucci said...

"If you lived your whole life, and never committed any transgressions against anyone, chances are good you are Jesus Christ, reincarnated. Welcome back. Can you help us work through some of these HUGE problems?"


Misogynists tell me to swallow the pill
When I answer “no!” then they say I am shrill
With unfettered mind I shall never give in
‘til Earth has a Goddess-and balance again

And when all misogynists die, they shall wake
To hear, Sacred Goddesskind, say, “big mistake”
So think, when I answer, I do you a kindness
Your afterlife holds much regret for your blindness…

Oh! laugh at your peril, For I have been where
The life review happens..Yes, I, once was there..
There are a few crimes that may not be forgiven
And one of them, is the mistreatment of women

Double Jointed Fingers said...

Mack, I hardly know where to start. Where women are concerned, you are Neanderthal Man. This was the part of your blog post that offended me most:

The other day, I took my 12 yr old daughter and her friend to the mall to shop. We were having fun, laughing at each other’s jokes, and we were cutting up inside a dept store. Somewhere near the mall entrance, the store had a full sized mannequin wearing a skirt so short you could see it’s buttocks. As I walked by, I patted it. Of course the girls cracked up. I have done this same thing in front of The Primary Wife, and she usually just shakes her head in feigned disgust, but gets the joke. Sure, she knows me, and knows that I am not a controlling person, that I mean no harm, and that it is funny because it is so preposterous.

Any man who wrote the above on their blog for all the world to read, will never understand equality of the sexes or gender bias, how and why it exists and what we must do to stop it. You need intensive therapy and the and the best I can do is send you to Violet's post here:
to get you started on the road to recovery. If you actually take the time to read it, you may begin to understand.

And, I see that you have developed a buzz word that means something in your world. Shrill. For me, it congers up a vision of a man running around the room with his fingers in his ears shouting "I won't listen, I won't listen, I don't want to know".