Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Rape

A riveting essay by Latoya at Racialicious Read it and pass it on to your Sisters and ask them to pass it on. It is that important

This is how the Not Rape epidemic spreads - through fear and silence, which become complicit in perpetuating the behaviors described here. Women of all backgrounds are affected by these kinds of acts, regardless of race, ethnicity, or social class. So many of us carry the scars of the past with us into our daily lives. Most of us have pushed these stories to the back of our minds, trying to have some semblance of a normal life that includes romantic and sexual relationships. However, waiting just behind the tongue is story after story of the horrors other women experience and hide deep within the self behind a protective wall of silence.


Simonetta Vespucci said...

The article was shocking...but oh too real.
I learned Kung Fu,BECAUSE, I have had two very
disgusting encounters....Don't want to talk about it..

But now, at least I can defend myself...and for those who think size matters, don't believe it...
Shaolin has taught me many ways to disable a predator...


Double Jointed Fingers said...

Morning, Song. I think the shock values comes from the fact that the author is delving into areas that we would rather keep locked away.

You were smart to find a way to defend yourself. We need to teach women that that is exactly what they have to do.

I've no doubt that you have the strength and the will to disable an attacker. Great things come in small packages. :)


Simonetta Vespucci said...

Well, you are correct...we do have to teach one another that we CAN defend ourselves. The movies in Hollywood, always seem to have women shrinking in fear..ya know? I hope that every parent awakens to the fact that their daughters are the ones who need to learn self defense the most..
I really have no fear anymore DJF...and it took a lot of time and practice to feel secure..
But it really does take so little to disable a predator..
And truth of the matter is, that most predators study the body language of victims before they strike..
So if one has confidence in themselves, the predator can tell..and will choose a weaker victim.

sad but true..