Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Couple of Things

I heard clip from a show with Geraldine Ferraro talking about sexism. She brought up the man (Obama supporter?) who yelled and held up a sign saying "iron my shirt" during a Clinton rally. Can you imagine what the MSM would do if a woman stood up and yelled "shine my shoes" during an Obama rally? Think about it.

The other thing is that I'm hearing all the time about Hillary's vote for the Iraq war. It's so easy for Obamabots to exploit the vote for their purposes. However, as the the economy worsens and oil/gas skyrockets, I think we should focus on Obama's vote for the Bush/Cheney 2005 energy bill written by the energy lobby.

The way I see it is if Obama can blame the Iraq War on Hillary, I can blame the startling rise in oil/gas prices on Obama.

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